Dr Dain Heer wrote: Being You, Changing the World

Dr Dain Heer

I had a really interesting conversation with Dr Dain, he is certainly onto something different. If you want to learn some new techniques to get you out of stubborn and destructive thinking then please listen to this interview. Here is another useful link www.drdainheer.com

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Margaret Munoz: We discuss Emotional Freedom Techniques

Margaret Munoz

What can I say. I love Margaret! She is the type of person who can know YOU before she gets to know you. Margaret has an amazing way of connecting with your subconscious, revealing your sabotaging techniques…so you are literally stripped naked!!! Then she helps to put you back together again using […]

Fiona Parker is a great yoga teacher

Fiona Parker

Fiona from the Ashtanga Yoga Space and I had a great conversation about yoga practice and philosophy. If you are practicing yoga or thinking about it, then have a listen to this interview and be inspired. Here is a useful link www.ashtangayogaspace.com.au

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Shakti Durga was at the Festival of Sound presented by the Leichhardt Municipal Council

Shakti Durga

This interview was recorded on location at the Festival of Sound presented by the Leichhardt Municipal Council. It was a really interesting interview; you will actually be able to listen in on my personal healing session. It felt great. We also talked about sound and how you can use […]

Dr Peter Dingle talks about leading a Holistic Lifestyle

Dr Peter Dingle

Dr Peter Dingle held the position of Senior Lecturer at the School of Environmental Science at Murdoch University in WA. His research has led him to believe that the way we lead our modern lives is preventing us from reaching our full potential. Our health, our work, our environments, our outlook. We […]