Dr John Demartini Answers Your Questions

Dr John Demartini

I always enjoy my interviews with Dr Demartini, he has such awesome insights into life that when applied to everyday life make a profound impact. I say this from experience. Have a listen to all of this show because it is a THANK YOU to all of you. I have received many emails from my listeners passing on questions for me to have answered by John. So here it is…your questions are answered by one of the brightest people I know. Enjoy.
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Dr Ron Erlich tells us more about Holistic Dentistry and healthy mouth and body

Dr Ron Erlich

Dr Ron Ehrlich, or ‘Dr. Ron’ as he is affectionately known, is one of Australia’s leading holistic health practitioners and educators. He is also one of Australia’s leading holistic dentists. For the past 30 years he has been working with individuals in achieving their full health potential, specifically combining a holistic approach within a western health model. His patient-centred approach focuses on empowering individuals to understand the issues impacting on their health and how to take control of them, realising their full potential. I really enjoyed speaking with Ron and I’m sure you will gain a lot of relevant information from this show.
For more information visit www.drronehrlich.com

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Dr Joe Dispenza speaks about Mind and Thoughts

Dr Joe Dispenza

These days it is common knowledge that the mind and body are connected, people are even coming to terms with the reality that we all have a soul. Interconnectedness and oneness will be the next the next ‘normal’. In this interview Dr Dispenza brings light to ‘thoughts’ and how we can change them to positively affect our lives.
Enjoy the show.
For more information on go to www.drjoedispenza.com

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Four Aussie guys in a bio diesel ute...The Green Way Up

Green Way Up

This just sounds like fun, 4 Aussie guys travelling around the world in a bio diesel car. Stopping at take away restaurants for old cooking oil to drive their Ute. But these guys are on a mission to raise awareness of the environmental impact that we all have on our environment. In this interview I spoke to Oscar who tells us all about their trip. I wish them all the best in their journey.
Go to www.thegreenwayup.com to follow their journey.

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Mind-Body Language, in this interview I speak with Inna Segal

Inna Segal

Inna’s personal journey has revealed to her the secret language of the body, her book of the same title is a revealing manuscript that helps us better understand this immaterial and sometimes esoteric connection. Enjoy the show and I hope it brings light to our healing journey.
For more information go to http://www.innasegal.com

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