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DOUG DE VETO – The Reconnection

JOHN PETROZZI: Hi! Welcome to Living is Easy. Today we’re really lucky to be speaking with Doug de Veto, who is one of the people working on this great new healing paradigm and healing method called “The Reconnection” and “Reconnective Healing.”

Hi, Doug! Thanks for coming on the show today.

DOUG DE VETO: Well, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you.

JOHN PETROZZI: Doug, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, is it a technique or is it just a new phase of healing?

DOUG DE VETO: That’s a great question. Probably the best way that I can answer that is just kind of explain what Reconnective Healing is and give you a little bit of background of how it got here.

Reconnective Healing is a new bandwidth. Actually, the scientists are saying that it’s a new spectrum of frequencies that seem to be here on the planet for the first time. They say that it came on to the planet on or about 1993. Somehow, when people come into contact with this frequency (and it is a palpable frequency; it can be imaged and it can be measured in the scientific lab), but when they start to come into contact with this frequency, it somehow reminds the body how to heal itself, and heal itself in some really powerful ways.

Sometimes, people have reported healings from everything from cancers, Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, and anxiety disorders to all kinds of mental and emotional states. We don’t exactly know what it is but we’ve got teams of scientists who are trying to explain it. They’ve never seen anything like it. And it just seems to be here for all of us to help to heal on new levels.

JOHN PETROZZI: How was it discovered?

DOUG DE VETO: Well, there’s a gentlemen by the name of Dr. Eric Pearl. He was a doctor. He’s a chiropractor in Los Angeles, a very busy and successful chiropractor. One day, his patients said that they could start to feel his hands just before he was about to do an adjustment on them, and so he said, “Oh no, you’re crazy, that’s not true.” So he blindfolded them and then in truth, they could feel his hands. You know he tested and they’re like, “Okay, I could feel your hands here in my right ear…my left knee…my right knee cap.”

What became more interesting is that some of his patients not only could feel his hands when he was not touching them, but some of them got off the table and said, “Oh, you know Dr. Pearl, I forgot to tell you this because it’s outside the scope of your practice, but, you know, I’ve been going to an oncologist for years” or “I’ve been going to a medical doctor because I’ve got cancer (or I’ve got MS or I’ve got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and now after you just held your hands near to me, it’s gone!” And they had this verified by the doctors going back in, you know, looking at the MRIs and the CAT scans and all of the magnetic resonance stuff. People were starting to have and we’re starting to report miraculous healings just from having his hands near them. And that kind of really started an amazing journey.

He was doing this without really knowing what is was, and more and more people were having healings and word got out. But then, it became even more interesting because some of the people who had healings found out that they could feel some type of frequency or some type of sensation in their hands, and when they held their hands next to their husband (or their wife, or their daughter, or their sister, or anyone in their family), some of those people were having healings.

So what we found out is, yes, this stuff is very, very real. It could help people heal on all kinds of different levels, but is also something that can be transmitted, not just something that air can do, but something that can be taught and that people can learn how to do it for themselves.

JOHN PETROZZI: Wow. So Doug, people hearing this for the first time, it may sound quite out there. People getting healed just by someone sort of staying near them or holding their hands over them, how does it happen? Is this Eric Pearl, is he a saint? What’s going on here?

DOUG DE VETO: I’m sorry to laugh at that, that’s a great question. Well, one thing I can assure you, and for those of your listeners who have heard Eric Pearl spoke, he’ll state right up front that he‘s not a saint. He’s not living a “saint-ed” life; he wasn’t looking for anything particularly “saint-ed” to happen in his life.

I can tell you that this work can be learned by everyone who comes into contact with it properly. Just in my own experience of it during the last seven years, I’ve had an opportunity to first meet Eric and then take the seminars, and during the last seven years I’ve been a part of teaching this work. But we’ve had the opportunity to see more than 60,000 people—that’s  60,000 people—all come to the seminars and to learn how to do this work, everything from age 8 to 88, people from all walks of life, regardless of their background, whether they have specific training in medicine, or healing, or are nurse practitioners, or whether they’re, you know,  master healers in Eastern technique, or they’re people like myself who have absolutely no background in healing. In fact, my educational background is in science. I’m a chemical engineer by training and just to make myself even more left-brain and less likely to be a healer, I went and got a masters degree in accounting and marketing.

So over the last seven years, I’ve had an opportunity to travel around the world with Dr. Pearl and to study this work. What we know for sure is that somehow when the practitioner begins to feel a sensation, begins to feel around someone else’s body, they tap in to some type of connection with the field. And when I say “the field” I mean perhaps you’ve heard of it as the “Zero-point Field”, or the “Quantum Field”, or the “Etheric Field”, but maybe you just refer to it as sort of the intelligence of the universe. But it’s all that sub-atomic stuff that’s in-between you and me, and all the stuff that’s in-between.

When the practitioner simply feels for it, they can begin to palpably connect with the field. And then the practitioner will sort of feel and stretch and play and become aware of those connections, and somehow that creates a catalyst. And somehow, that catalyst allows energy light and information to flow directly from the field into the person on the table.

That’s about as much as we know so far, and it’s certainly not for lack of trying. We’ve actually been working with researchers from Stanford University and University of Arizona, and researchers from Russia in St. Petersburg and hospitals around the world. We are all trying to figure out how this works and we really don’t yet have the science, neither the machineries, nor the theories to explain the fullness of what we’re seeing. We just know that it does.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. What does it feel like?

DOUG DE VETO: Well, you know that’s the interesting thing. It’s that there’s about ten or twelve different sensations that people typically report that they feel. A lot of times, people will feel a sense of tingling, sometimes people will feel a sense of warmth, sometimes a sense of cold, sometimes people will say it feels like pins and needles, sometimes it feels like a vibration, sometimes it feels like a pulsing, sometimes it feels as if a feather is being tickled on your hand, it sometimes feel as if you’re being touched or tapped by some other being.

There’s about ten or twelve different things, and you don’t know what you’re going to feel until you do. What happens is that somehow the universe interacts perfectly with you at that moment and you feel whatever is appropriate for you to feel, you receive whatever it is that you’re supposed to receive at that moment based on the intelligence of your body and the intelligence of the universe, but there’s a range of things.

Then, when the practitioner starts to sort of tune their awareness into what they’re feeling, it’s a palpable sensation and you can pull it like a string or like a rubber band, and you sort of play and pull and stretch, and play and pull and stretch. Your awareness of these sensations continues. It’s like a child playing with a toy. I guess probably the best way to talk about it is maybe a child playing with a slinky or playing with a top or playing with a toy. You just look at how a child just does that with that sense of “Gosh, this is fun. This is great. This is capturing my attention.” That’s exactly what happens during a session when you begin to feel the sensations.

JOHN PETROZZI: So in actual fact, the person is delivering. Is it delivering healing? Is that how you’d sort of state it?

DOUG DE VETO: You know it’s probably a better way to say it might be not that we’re “delivering healings”, because we’re not actually sending the energy from us to that person.

This is what’s very different about Reconnective Healing. All the energy techniques that we’ve had on the planet—I know some of your listeners have heard of these—you know, these have been things that have been on the planet for hundreds and thousands and thousands of years and they’re wonderful, but they all sort of operate with the same basic operating principle, that somehow the practitioner becomes a conduit. Then, through the practitioner itself, energy is transferred or transmitted to the other person.

Reconnective Healing does exactly the opposite. Rather than sending anything through the practitioner, we simply feel. Somehow, by feeling the sensations, there’s a field interaction that occurs, and then the energy, the light, and the information—the healing vibrations—flow directly from the field into the person without having to go through the practitioner, which, if you think about it, that could be a really wonderful thing.

Because if you have an opportunity to receive a healing from the universe and you needed to receive the healing and you had two packages to receive the healing: one form of the healing would come directly from the universe without any intermediary and directly from the intelligence of the universe into your own body; or the other healing would have to be filtered through somebody else. I mean, what would you choose?

I mean, most people would probably chose that they would rather get it directly from source rather than through the other person, of course even though that the other person is, you know, doing their best and being, you know, showing up their best intention and trying to do the best that they can, but they’re doing so with their conscious, limited, educated mind, which is not the same as the intelligence of the universe.

JOHN PETROZZI: So, let’s just put it to practical sense: if someone’s laying on the table and the person who, as far as he’s been taught how to do the reconnection, is standing by their side with their hands around the person, they’re feeling for frequencies, and they’re feeling for differences around their hand, and that’s telling them that they can feel some vibrations.

If there’s a disease process going on in the person, let’s say a cancer or a tumor, or even a mental or emotional symptom, what do they feel around that area? Do they feel something specifically around the area that’s actually become ill in the person’s body? Or can that vibration be abnormal or aberrant? If they’re at the feet, but the pain is at the head, can they still feel it in distant areas in the body?

DOUG DE VETO: Yup, that’s a great question. The answer is yes, sometimes they do feel sensations in the area of, you know, wherever the “diagnosed symptom” is. But one of the things that’s very different about Reconnective Healing is that we actually tell our clients and patients to please don’t tell us what’s wrong with them before the session. I know that we have this buy-in, particularly in western culture, where we walk in with our stories, and we have our diagnosis, and we tell people, “Hey, you know, I’ve got this. It’s got this diagnosis. It’s got a Latin name ending in –itis, and so therefore, you know, here is my story…”

Well, what we do in Reconnective Healing is very different than western medicine, and we say, “Okay, hold on. The less I know, the better off you’ll be, because the less likely I’ll be to buy in to whatever that story is.” So yes, often our practitioners and the people on the table will mutually report that, you know, “I felt something just exactly in the area where I have a diagnosis” or “It seems like you’ve spent a lot of time over this area. Oh, by the way, after the session, I’ll let you know that I have, you know, cancer there.”

Yeah, of course there’s a correlation, but what we do as practitioners is we really train ourselves to work everywhere around the body and to go whatever catches our attention. So often, say for example, if somebody has a problem where, let’s say, they’ve been diagnosed with a knee condition, often, the source is not in the knee. Perhaps it’s something that’s wrong in the arch of their foot, perhaps it’s something in their ankle, perhaps it’s something in their hip or some other part of their spine, so we really try to work in all places around the body, allowing ourselves to just find whatever catches our attention without the need for diagnosis.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. Doug, could we speak a bit more about placebo? Placebo is one of those things that has been so rubbished in the scientific literature for many, many, many decades. It’s sort of been put to the side, saying that, you know, if you believe it’s going to help you, it will help you, regardless of the efficacy of the medication or treatment.


JOHN PETROZZI: Can you tell me a bit about how placebo works in here? Is it an actual fact, a bonus, that placebo is around which is actually helping the healings?

DOUG DE VETO: Sure. So, you know, another way to think about the placebo effect is the body has power to heal itself. And a lot of times with placebo, we talk about the need for faith, hope, and belief, and I know there’s a big, big, huge amount of information that’s out there right now that’s really trying to teach people the power of using their thoughts and hopes and beliefs to try and tap into a healing state.

That’s wonderful, and those are wonderful techniques. A lot of times, with a lot of focus, and a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and a lot of energy they can actually be productive. But what’s happening with Reconnective healing is that you’re not working with the conscious brain. You’re not trying to use the conscious brain to manifest some type of healing state. You’re actually working on much higher and deeper levels of intelligence.

Perhaps you can call it the intelligence of the universe, you can call it your own higher intelligence, you can call it the wisdom that made the body, but you’re working at some level which is not necessarily conscious. What happens with that is that the information is accessed on either a sub-conscious or super-conscious level when the practitioner begins to feel whatever they’re supposed to feel, and that flow starts to happen.

It’s not the same as the placebo effect, because within the placebo effect, there’s always the requirement of belief. It’s a wonderful thing, and a lot of times, placebo effect is a very powerful thing. It’s a common known fact that whenever the Food and Drug Administrations and all of the people that allow drugs to be put into marketplace test, they always have to test versus a placebo.

I believe it was Dr. Bruce Lipton, who just put out in one of his books that the placebo effect works in something like 50-60% of the time. So that whenever there’s a medical drug that’s introduced, they actually have to do better than that, which is always very challenging for the medical drug, because they’re comparing against something which is quite effective.

Well, with Reconnective Healing, you’re not really working with a placebo. Perhaps, you’re actually working with something that is beyond that. It’s a different level of intelligence. It’s a higher access point, and you don’t need to have the faith, hope, and belief in order to access these healings.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. Doug, what was the thing you mentioned at the beginning of the show which was that this frequency is here for the first time?

DOUG DE VETO: Absolutely. It’s an interesting thing. I know a lot of your listeners know that it seems like there’s a heck of a lot of change that’s going on in the planet today, and scientists are starting to actually write about this and put this in their journals, and put this is on even mainstream television concepts.

We know that the Earth is spinning around its orbit in the Sun, but what we also know is that our Earth, as well as our Solar System, particularly our Earth is actually making this big, huge galactic orbit, and we’re on this 26,000 or approximately 26,000-year journey around the galaxy. As a result of this cycle—sometimes it’s called the “Procession of the Equinoxes”—the Earth is coming in to a point of alignment which we’re coming up to.

I know a lot of people has heard about this popularized as the concept of “2012”. But there are true physical changes which are happening within the Earth: There are changes in magnetic. There are changes in the geo-magnetic transmissions of the Earth. There are changes in the consciousness of everything that’s living on the planet. I mean, I think everyone will probably agree that we would all say that it sure does seem like time is speeding up, or perhaps we’re speeding up—more things are getting done.

Well, I don’t know why all of these changes are happening, but the scientists, and everyone is starting to recognise that they all are. Perhaps, what now the scientists are saying about Reconnective Healing is that as a result of some of these changes or all of these changes, there is now an electro-magnetic frequency that somehow got grounded on to the planet that we hadn’t had access to before. And so then the question is, “Okay, where was it before?”


DOUG DE VETO: Well, maybe the frequency was always in the universe, but the Earth had to be moved to where it is now, or had to have these shifts with its magnetics, or this consciousness of the planet had to shift, or the vibrations had to all get to a different place for us to be able to access it.

So, what we find out is that this frequency—as I think I mentioned before—first became known or discovered by this gentleman by the name of Dr. Eric Pearl, who is a doctor and he’s written a book called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself back in 1993. We’ve gone to the sciences since then, we’ve studied this work at University of Arizona and Stanford University and other locations and said, you know, “What is this?”

They quite frankly said, “I don’t know. We haven’t seen anything like this on the planet before. We haven’t measured anything like this before. It seems to have all of the strengths of every single one of the energy modalities that we’ve had on the planet and none of the weaknesses. But moreover, it also behaves, or seems to behave, according to new laws of physics. So, yeah, we haven’t seen anything like it and let’s keep studying it please.”


DOUG DE VETO: And that’s what we continue to do as we try to figure out what it is.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. Because it’s a new frequency or new bandwidth or a new channel—whatever you want to call it—is the Reconnection Process the only way of accessing that bandwidth?

DOUG DE VETO: Well, you know, I think there are different ways for people to move forward into healing and consciousness, and I’m not here to suggest that this is the only way to do that. But what seems to be very unique and powerful about Reconnective Healing is the fact that, yes, this frequency is here on the planet for the first time and it does have a dramatic accelerating effect in health, and it does have a dramatic accelerating effect in terms of consciousness and evolution.

I do think that at some point there will be so many people on the planet who are working with this frequency that it’s just simply going to jump from person to person to person, and that you don’t necessarily have to read books about it or go to seminars to achieve a state of connection with it. You’ll just pick it up by entrainment, by just their basic resonance of it being on the planet through all of the other people holding the vibration.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. It’s quite amazing. You said before that the process of reconnection is actually reminding our body how to heal itself.


JOHN PETROZZI: What is the difference between, you know, normal everyday healing—healing a cut or bruise or broken bone—and the healing that you’re talking about?

DOUG DE VETO: Well, you know, ultimately it’s all about connecting into the wisdom of the body and the intelligence that made the body. Because ultimately, all healing is self-healing, whether it’s recovering from a cut, and the way that the body tries to heal from injuries such as that or whether it’s healing from cancer, it’s all basically the same process. You’re providing some type of stimulus, you’re providing some type of information, or you’re tapping into some type of wisdom within the body that activates the body’s healing processes.

Perhaps you’re doing it through biological intervention or chemical intervention or as when with Reconnective Healing, what you’re doing is with this frequency of energy, light, and information. It seems that this stimulus or this communication of the signaling from the frequency seems to basically remind the brain and remind the cells and remind the DNA and the molecules how to vibrate back at that level of original health or that original wellness, and it does so without the need for invasive interactions or the need for repel.

JOHN PETROZZI: Mm-hm. And how do we know—this is probably the last question I can ask you—but for anyone who’s listening and who haven’t heard of reconnection, but they’re actually quite sensitive and attune to things, how do they actually know if they’re already connected without having to read the books or the seminars?

DOUG DE VETO: Well, you know, like I said, it’s possible that some people can start to connect into the frequency, perhaps they’ve had interaction with people who are carrying the frequencies, maybe they’ve read Eric’s book or something. It’s possible that some people may be walking around, vibrating at this level without consciously knowing it. But until you’ve actually had the experience of sort of like steeping in it and soaking in this vibration, you probably aren’t carrying it at the highest level.

I do think that what will happen, though, over time—just like I said—is that as more and more people do go to the experience of going to the seminar and basically soak in the vibration over the course of the weekend and amp up and ramp up as people are doing, then, ultimately they’ll all be walking around like little lightning rods in their community and be able to transmit this to those others simply by just walking down the street.

JOHN PETROZZI: Hm. Amazing, Doug. It’s really great to speak with you today.

DOUG DE VETO: Oh, it’s a pleasure. Thank you so much.

JOHN PETROZZI: If you want to learn more about the process,, is that correct?

DOUG DE VETO: Yeah, absolutely. The website is, which is the same name as Eric’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. You could also Google up “Reconnective Healing” or “Eric Pearl,” If you’re interested in learning more this weekend—because it really just takes one weekend how to do this—we’re teaching here at the Bayview Boulevard Seminar. You can find out information about that from our website or you can contact Julie at The Reconnection, which is our local Reconnective Healing contact in Australia,

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay, great! Well, Doug, thanks very much for being on our show today. It’s opened my eyes, and I’m certainly sure it’s going to open a lot of minds and eyes out there as well.

DOUG DE VETO: Well, thank you very much for having me.

JOHN PETROZZI: And that was Doug de Veto from The Reconnection.

You’ve been listening to Living is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. Until next time, stay well, and stay happy.

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