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JOHN PETROZZI: Hi. Welcome to Living is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi.

Today, I’m very happy to have Jacky Newcomb on the show. You may know Jacky as the Angel Lady. She’s appeared on TV and radio for many years, helping people to discover more about themselves and more about the after-life. Jacky has written a new book, which is called “Dear Angel Lady.”

Hi, Jacky, and thanks for coming on the show.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Thank you for asking me.

JOHN PETROZZI: Jacky, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Well, I’m an author and “Dear Angel Lady” is my ninth book, so I’ve been quite busy for the last few years, as you can imagine.

JOHN PETROZZI: You’ve been busy, yeah.

JACKY NEWCOMB: I also write for several marketing. What I love about the work that I do is that people, when they meet me, they say, “Oh, you’re so normal, Jacky.” So I like to write about angels and people’s after-life experiences, but I do it in a very down-to-earth, straightforward, normal sort of way with no frills. So people share their experiences with me, and then that’s what I work on. It’s all about people’s real-life experiences.

JOHN PETROZZI: So, are you a medium? Or do you speak to angels? Is it mainly angels that are your specialty?

JACKY NEWCOMB: I like to think of myself as an expert on the phenomenon, rather than as a psychic. Although, I don’t do psychic readings or anything like that, however, I do have a lot of mediumistic type of experiences relating to my own family. So I think the experiences that I have, I write about them all in my book, so I can share them with my readers. But obviously, I think angels don’t want me to be giving readings. I think that’s not what I do. I see myself more as a teacher, teacher and an expert, more than a medium.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. So what is it about your family that you’ve learned?


JOHN PETROZZI: Where do you start?



JACKY NEWCOMB: So much. I mean, a lot of the experiences that I have come in dreams, so I’m really one for, my family call the “my [family] dream.” I have visits from either angels or spirits, sometimes, my own family who are deceased come to me in dreams, particularly my dad. I lost my dad two years ago. He still regularly visits in dreams; he comes and sort of gives me messages.

But I’m not the only one in the family. My sisters—I have three sisters—my sisters also have the same sort of experiences. So often, dad’s grandchildren; dad also visits many of his grandchildren as well. So it seems to be something that runs in the family. A lot of us have the same sort of psychic experiences.

JOHN PETROZZI: I wonder if your dad or relatives had those experiences also when they were living.

JACKY NEWCOMB: My dad did just, not until very close to the end. My dad had said that he was interested in the work that I was doing. I think he was probably my biggest fan—my dad, bless him—and he did read some of the work that I’ve been doing. He was very interested, but hadn’t really had sort of anything much himself to experience. Then, one night when he was very poorly, he found himself floating out of his body. He had what we call a classic near-death experience, in that he saw his grandfather. He was sort of beckoning him and saying basically, “We’re ready for you. Heavens, die, we’re ready for you. You can come now.” My dad sort of said, “No, thank you. I’m not ready yet.”

My dad was very sort of aware during this experience and he said, “You know, I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to fly over to see Jacky.” So he literally flew out of the hospital in his spirit body; he flew all the way to my house, as if he’s been driving in the car. He actually took that route. He flew all the way to my house.

At that time, I was sitting in bed, reading, and my dad could see me very clearly, reading, sitting up in bed. My husband was downstairs, asleep, watching the television. The next day, when I went to see my dad, dad was so excited. He said, “Did you see me? Did you see me?” I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t.” He was very disappointed, but he said, “But where was John? Where’s your husband?” And I said, “He was asleep downstairs.” So he had really been in the bedroom. He actually got to see me sitting in bed, reading. I did tell him after, and told him it wasn’t polite to visit a lady when she was in asleep in bed.

JOHN PETROZZI: Jacky, it’s some encouragement.

JACKY NEWCOMB: That was his only experience.

JOHN PETROZZI: Oh, that’s great. How did you sort of come out of the closet, if that’s the term?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Oh, goodness.

JOHN PETROZZI: Was it scary?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Well, I was watching a television program here in England many, many years ago. The lady was talking about her experiences with an angel. The television had lots of viewers ringing in and asking questions. It was so popular, this particular show, that they invited this woman to come back the following day, so she did two days on the show. I think the only other time they’d done that was when the British Prime Minister had been on the show many years ago.

JOHN PETROZZI: That’s interesting.

JACKY NEWCOMB: There were not a lot about angels and things in the UK at that time. It’s not something really that you could find any information about. While I was watching the television show, I had a bit of a flashback, a memory of when I was about five years old and I was on a holiday. I had an experience where I got into difficulties in the sea on the holiday on the beach—it was a beach vacation with the family. I got into difficulties in the sea. I remember thinking that I was beginning to drown. So even at five, I was aware that I could drown and I could feel myself being pulled out to sea. And that did happen.

I had this sort of experience where I felt a presence with me. I mean, I always think it would be sort of better to have the Hollywood version of the story, where I could say, “I saw angels” or something. But it didn’t happen like that. I didn’t see anything, unfortunately. It’s a shame, because it would make the best of story, wouldn’t it?

I did have a feeling that something was with me, and I did hear a voice. The voice told me that they would help me back to the shore. I remember as I got out of the water, fairly quickly afterwards—I mean, I did have to sort of work at it a bit—but as I got out of the water, I realised that the swimming aid that I had with me—like a sort of a blow-up rubber ring I had with me that I got into the water with—that the air has come out. So I mean, I haven’t even had that to support me in the water, and I was a non-swimmer.

I remember sort of rushing up at the beach and saying to my mom, “Mommy, mommy, I nearly drowned.” She said, “Yes, but you’re fine, dear. Have a sandwich.” Instead of candid over the picnic lunch, I just sort of sat down and ate, and it was like, “My big moment is gone. I’ve missed it.”

JOHN PETROZZI: But you do remember it.

JACKY NEWCOMB: After watching television on that particular day, I remembered this experience. That sort of started me on my journey really. I was just desperate to find out more, and to find out if the experience that I’ve had was what we’ve been talking about, “Did I experience an angel or not?” and I sort of set out on a journey to find out.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Wow. So do you get messages from your dreams?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. I mean, mainly the experiences that I have are messages in dreams. I also get a lot of what I call “coincidences,” but I mean, they’re more, I suppose, you would call them “synchronicity,” where I’ll ask for help. Then, coincidentally, the help that I’ve asked for is put out into the universe, if you like, or asked the angels for, the help that I’ve asked for, would just come to me in a many series of coincidence. So mainly, the experiences that I have come that way.

Although I have heard what people would call “angel music.” I’ve had those sorts of experiences. I’ve had all sorts of different types of phenomena, but I don’t really see angels, which is what I think people assume that I do. But I don’t, not really.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. What’s the angel music?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Well, my daughter was poorly, she was unwell this one day and she’s fallen asleep on our bathroom lying on a pile of towels and old sheets, and things like that. She’s been really quite sick for hours and hours and hours. I was just dropping off to sleep and I was a very tired mom. She called me again for like the twentieth time that day and I said, “Get up. I’m really feeling tired.” I’ve been reading a book about angels earlier in the day and I sort of just yelled out to nobody in particular, “If there is such a thing as angels, you come and look after my daughter. You look after her because I’m too tired.” I was just sort of being grumpy really.

As I opened the bathroom door, I could hear this music playing in the room. I couldn’t work out where the music was coming from and I sort of climbed in the bath and looked out of the window to see if there was music playing outside, but there wasn’t. I walked downstairs and sort of searched around to see if we got the radio come on by accident or I’d left the television on, or something, and it was nothing. I went back upstairs and opened the door again, and I could still hear music playing in this room. I even looked around to see if something, I don’t know, a radio had been left in there, or what have you. There was nothing.


JACKY NEWCOMB: This music was just playing and it sounded like, well, I suppose, a beautiful choir sound, is how I can describe it. I thought, “I must be going completely crazy.” I was even to the point where, you know, it was midnight and I thought, “Well, perhaps I’ll wake my husband up.” I don’t know if that would have gone down too well, but I wanted to wake him up and say, “Come and listen to this music, because it is so strange.” But there, I’ve decided I’ve got enough. I might get into trouble for doing that. So I wrote down on a piece of paper next to the bed. I wrote down what had happened, because I thought in the morning, I’m going to wake up—

JOHN PETROZZI: You might forget.

JACKY NEWCOMB: -and I’m going to say, “It was just a dream. It didn’t happen.” I went to bed and went to sleep. My daughter was fine then; she was okay, perfectly okay, and I said, “Perhaps the angels did come to help her out,” I don’t know, but she slept through the night and she was fine.

I woke up the next morning, and the first thing that happened was I remembered this strange music I’d heard the night before, and there was the piece of paper by the bed with it all written down. Again, it was a mystery because I knew that I had experienced it. I knew that I had written it down, and there it was literally written down. Again, I spent just hours on the internet, trying to find out what it was. All these things helped me to go out and research the phenomenon more.

JOHN PETROZZI: Isn’t that interesting? Wow. This new book you’ve got, which is actually your ninth book, “Dear Angel Lady”-


JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. There are lots of questions in there actually. I like the way you set it up. You’ve got chapters in there and you set it up with- actually people have written in to you and they’ve asked questions and you just answered them.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. I mean, because I write for several marketing here, I have people write to me from all over the world—I mean, everywhere, including Australia obviously, and places like Japan, even; I mean, really, everywhere you can think of, people write to me from all over the world—and a lot of the questions are asked again and again and again.


JACKY NEWCOMB: I mean, I do answer all these questions that people write and ask me for. They email me, they write me letters, but it takes a very long time, as you can imagine. So I just thought it makes sense to ask some of these questions in a book and share the answers with people, so that rather than me writing to one person, I was writing to thousands in one day.


JACKY NEWCOMB: And I wanted to write in an intimate way so that people felt as if they were almost picking up somebody’s mail, or they were actually reading the letters, as I do. A lot of those are people’s stories, but I left the stories behind the questions because I think they’re fascinating to read.

JOHN PETROZZI: Oh, it’s a great read. Jacky, I’ve got a question. Can everyone make contact with an angel?

JACKY NEWCOMB: I think so. I think the biggest lesson really is that people think that if they are for an angel experience that an angel is just going to sort of jump into the middle of the room.

JOHN PETROZZI: And say, “I’m here!”

JACKY NEWCOMB: I think that’s what they think is going to happen. And it isn’t. I think what we have to remember is that angels are beings of light. I mean, they’re not made of flesh and bones in the way that humans are. Our human bodies have very limited ability to perceive the world around us. We know, for example, that many birds can see better than we can, and dogs have better hearing than we do, for example – that type of thing. This works in the same way: We know that things exist that our human eyes just cannot see. So for the most part, we’re not going to see an angel. I mean, people do see them as they are, perhaps if they’re unconscious, because we’re in a sort of different state of consciousness than you can see them.

But what angels are more likely to do is they’re more likely to leave you something like a little white feather. Little white feathers are the “calling cards” of the angels, so if you ask for a little sign that they’re around you, you’ll find a little feather. Or you might be lucky enough to hear the music, as I did; that’s quite rare. Sometimes, people will have experience in dreams, which I do all the time. So I think it’s just a matter of asking for a little sign and then just being open to all sorts of different things.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. I think it’s a matter of actually being open. Because there are lots of people—possibly lots of people or maybe few people—listening to this interview that are quite skeptical and think, “This is a lot of hogwash.”


JOHN PETROZZI: But the thing is with anything, you just mold it into your lifestyle in some way, because angels really do offer hope and comfort, regardless if you do or don’t see, or if you do or don’t believe about them.


JOHN PETROZZI: Because comfort and hope is something that we all need through parts of our life, and why not fall on this sort of energy, an angel-energy? It will offer lots of people lots of help.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. I mean, I understand what people might think that belief in angels is a lot of rubbish or, like you say, that it’s a lot of hogwash. I get that. But as long as you bear in mind what I just explained: the fact that if we, as human beings, base our entire belief system on what we can see and what we can feel and what we can touch, we wouldn’t make any logical sense, because scientifically, we know that our eye can’t see everything that there is. We know that for sure.

I mean, each side of the light spectrum, we see a very limited range of colors, for example, the colours of the rainbow, but outside of that, we have things like infrared and ultraviolet and X-rays. Now, we know they exist, but we can’t see them with our physical eye. We also know that there are many other things that we can’t even measure yet that also exist outside of that light spectrum. Angels fall within that area of light spectrum that in our normal eyes, we cannot see. You see, dogs are great examples. Dogs can hear things that we cannot hear. It doesn’t mean that sound doesn’t exist just because our ears can’t pick up the sound, because physically, we’re just not capable of doing that.

So it just makes sense to be open to that, because we know scientifically there is so much more that exist than we’re able to see, feel, hear, sense, and touch.

JOHN PETROZZI: I agree. Actually, I was reading a statistic in your book and it said—I was actually quite surprised—I think it was about 40% males believe that there are angels (or maybe 35%), and 50% of women believe that there are angels.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. I mean, there are more women who believe than men, and I don’t really know why that is. I’ve noticed a big change even in the last six months or so, where at one point, I’ve got a workshop, for example. In the workshops, at one point, I would have probably 99% women, and it’s just occasionally that a man would attend – so brave man!

But now—I’m on social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter and all these different things—again, even when I first started, it was all women that I was connected to, and now, there are many more men who are now sort of saying, “Well, maybe there’s something to this. I’m going to keep an open mind.” And I’m happy that they’re open-minded. I’m happy for debate. I mean, I’m quite happy to go for a good chat about it. But I think the fact that they’re interested and are more open to it now is I think a good way to advance.

JOHN PETROZZI: Times are definitely changing, Jacky. Would you agree?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Absolutely.

JOHN PETROZZI: What have you noticed? Because you’ve written lots of books, what have you noticed, as time’s gone by, with feedback to your books? What have you noticed?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Well, when I first started—I mean, I live in a very small village here, a small community—I’m sure I was sort of seen very much as the local crazy woman. That’s changed now. I think people respect and acknowledge the fact that I have some expertise on the subject, and they no longer laugh at the subject. They’re now interested in finding out a little bit more.

I think things, like the internet, helped enormously, because information is now available fairly very easily at the touch of a button. And it’s good to do have an experience, rather than perhaps keeping it to themselves, because they’re frightened at being laughed at. Now, it’s easy to sort of cast a search word on to the internet and find hundreds, potentially thousands of people who’ve had similar experiences. So that does make it easy to share, knowing that you’re not the only one.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. It’s a great forum, especially for these sorts of spiritual ideas.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Oh, definitely. I think this is probably why I get so much post where literally I get hundreds of thousands of people write to me from all over the world. So this new book, “Dear Angel Lady,” is really a useful way of saying, “Have a look at the questions in the book first of all, and if you still got further questions, I’m happy to help you.” But it’s just neat that I’m reaching lots of people in one go, which is obviously much easier for me.

JOHN PETROZZI: Is it your purpose in life, Jacky, to reach as many people as you can?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah! I think so. I mean, I feel as if this is my life’s path. I feel that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I work, not just with angel experiences, but after-life experiences as well. But sometimes, when people write and share an angel experience, they’re talking about a deceased loved one that passed over. I explain about how deceased loved ones, as well as angels, would appear in dreams, and these types of experiences are very healing for people who are grieving. I mean, it fascinates me and often, I’ll spend all day and all night with search again. I often don’t go to bed until the early part of the morning, because I love what I do.

The greatest satisfaction when somebody writes and they say that they lost a loved one, maybe through a tragic circumstance, and they were just so distressed that they’d considered maybe taking their own life even, and then they’ve read one of my books and they understand about the phenomenon of how loved ones can come back in dreams and you know that they’re okay, that they’ve made it safely to another place. It changes their lives, it’s very healing to people, and they’re able to sort of move on somewhat, knowing that there is something after this life.

That’s very important to me. It’s very satisfying to see that people can carry on, that they can go out there and keep going with their lives. I mean, we all have to grieve; we can’t stop the grieving process. But I think these stories do help more than just a little bit definitely.

JOHN PETROZZI: That’s great. Jacky, before we have to wrap it up, can you just share one of your most favorite stories, whether it’s from one of your books or wherever, with regards to angel visitations and those sorts of things?

JACKY NEWCOMB: Oh, there are so, so many; it’s so difficult to even pick one. But I’ll tell you one of my own experiences.


JACKY NEWCOMB: As I said, my own father—I lost my father two years ago—after my dad passed away, he visited many members of the family and let us know that he was okay, he showed us what happened when he died, he told us about that experiences that he’d had when he reached the other side – everything. So it was so interesting for us. I know we started recording those experiences.

One day, he came to me in a dream six months after he died, and he said to me, “Your mom’s not well,” and he showed me a picture of her lying in a hospital bed and I was sitting at the foot of the bed on a chair. He said to me, “No matter what the doctor say, your mom is going to be fine and you go—meaning myself and my sisters—you go and mustn’t worry. Your mom’s going to be fine.”

So the next morning, I told my mom and my sisters about the dream, and we all had a good laugh about it, because my mom was never, ever ill. Then, just a few days later, my mom had a heart attack and was rushed into hospital. I was sitting at the foot of the bed, exactly as my dad had shown me in the dream. I said to my mom, “Mom, don’t worry. Because don’t forget what dad said in the dream. Dad’s told me you’re going to be absolutely fine.” Anyway, the doctors did lots and lots of tests on her, and they said, “You need to be taking these tablets. In fact, you really should have been taking tablets.” They gave her great bagful of tablets to take home, so she’s gone from nothing to suddenly, she was taking all these different tablets every day. They said, “You’ll be fine. Now, you’re taking the tablets,” and they actually let her home the next day.

But it was just the relief of knowing that she was going to be okay, and she’s been fine. But it was just sort of six months after losing my dad, and of course, we were all terrified that something dreadful was going to happen. But just as dad showed me in the dream, she was absolutely fine and went home the next day.

JOHN PETROZZI: Very lucky, Jacky.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. Indeed.

JOHN PETROZZI: Thanks for spending time with us today. I really appreciate your time and your stories. It’s been great.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Oh, you’re most welcome. Thank you for inviting me.

JOHN PETROZZI: My pleasure. I’d like to speak to you again sometime, too, Jacky.

JACKY NEWCOMB: Yeah. I’d love that.

JOHN PETROZZI: Great. Thanks.

And that was Jacky Newcomb, who’s the author of “Dear Angel Lady.” It’s got some great stories in there, a recommended read. It’s fascinating stuff.

Thanks for being with us today on Living Is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. To listen to this and other podcasts, just visit our website, which is livingiseasy.com.au. Have a click through and send us some feedback, if you like.

That’s all we have time for. Until next time, stay well and stay happy.

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