John Edward, June 2010

This week I spoke to the famous American psychic and medium, John Edward. Listen to the podcast called John Edward, June 2010. He talks about being psychic, self psychic protection, intuition and ESP. Imagine being able to talk and communicate to spirits on the other side. Have a listen and let me know what you think. As always Stay Well and Stay Happy. 🙂 John Petrozzi

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John Edward talks about the afterlife, June 2010, transcript of the interview.

John Petrozzi: Hi and welcome to Living is Easy.  Today we’ve got our special guest on the show again today, John Edward, you may have heard John’s last interview on our show, some time ago.  I really love having John on the show because he’s a really good guy and he makes such a huge impact on peoples’ lives.  Hi, John, and thanks for coming on the show again.

John Edward: No problem.  How are you?

John Petrozzi: Really well, thanks.  Hey – John – you’re here for a tour at the moment?

John Edward: I am.  I’m actually here doing promotion for my tour in November.  I’m coming back in November.

John Petrozzi: Ah, coming back in November?

John Edward: Yes.

John Petrozzi: Fantastic.  So – you know when people sort of stop you on the street?  Or ask you questions on what you do – how do you describe to them what you actually do?

John Edward: Well, usually I just tell them that I act as a bridge or a medium, a conduit to people who have crossed over; to pass on their messages to the living people who are in their lives.

John Petrozzi: Okay.  And you’ve had this gift since you were a kid, as I understand it.

John Edward: I’ve had it my entire life, but it was kind of… awoken at the age of fifteen.

John Petrozzi: And your grandma helped you develop your skills?

John Edward: Well, I think my mom and my grandmother’s involvement in metaphysics and their interest in psychic phenomena helped to provide the opportunity, or the catalyst, for me to meet the woman who would put me on this path.  Her name is Lydia Clar and she did a reading for me.  And from that reading, that’s what opened up this whole world.

John Petrozzi: So from that instance, having a reading, were you… did you already know that you had some sort of a skill?

John Edward: No, not at all actually.

John Petrozzi: Really?  You were just a regular sort of kid…

John Edward: Yeah, I didn’t really think anything of it.  I always had an interest in things that were other worldly, or that show powers, or superhero-like things, but nothing… nothing metaphysical.

John Petrozzi: It must have blown you away when you first started to communicate – was it scary?

John Edward: I wouldn’t say that it blew me away, and I wouldn’t say I was scared… much more the word ‘exploration’, I feel like I was exploring new territory and trying to learn about it.  It’s like driving in Australia for me.  As I’m driving around I’m in new territory and I’m seeing new things and new places, but the more often I drive around the same roads the more I recognize 7-11, and I recognize where certain stores might be, and where certain restaurants or hotels are… and then it becomes sort of like ‘this is part of my understanding’ and that’s what my ability was like for me.  It was an exploration, almost like a mapping out of what my abilities are.

John Petrozzi: So are you still learning new aspects, new realms, and new energies?

John Edward: Always.

John Petrozzi: Always, yeah?

John Edward: Always.  I would say that anybody who says that they do this work, and they’re not a perpetual student of the universe, should no longer be doing it

John Petrozzi: So what have you been learning lately?

John Edward: Well, lately, I’ve been learning a lot about Astrology.  And for me, I have been, I guess, a student of this metaphysical world for twenty-five years.  And I just launched a website called

John Petrozzi: Yeah, yeah, I love it!

John Edward: Yeah, I talk all about … well I don’t talk about it, but I’ve brought together a whole team of people who deal with different special arenas in metaphysics: Astrology, Numerology, Energy Healers, and people who do Tarot.  And it’s a very interactive thing where people can actually go and learn, and we’re just about ready in the next few months to launch our first interactive web class, a series on the psychic-self, with the woman who was my teacher.

John Petrozzi: Isn’t that amazing!  Last time we had the interview, we talked about that website Infinite Quest and I’ve noticed that it has grown over the last little while.

John Edward: Yes, it has grown, we actually just moved up to version 2.0 and it’s really, like, really cool new bells and whistles, makes it a lot easier, aggregates content for people who have interests in specific arenas and areas.

John Petrozzi: ‘Cause I’m, like – my background’s Chiropractic; I went on the section there about healing, and there’s some amazing stuff on there.

John Edward: Oh cool, thank you!  I’ll pass it on to the team back in New York.

John Petrozzi: Good!  I’m really enjoying it.  So John, what is the soul?  What is a soul, what is a spirit?

John Edward: A soul or a spirit can be a synonym for energy.  I think that’s what we are; we’re energy.  Call it a vibrational frequency.  If you were to take a metal object and hit another metal object, it’s going to make a sound, and it’s going to reverberate.  And that reverberating is energy; and that energy sometimes vibrates at such a high level that you can’t see it, like a fan that’s moving very quickly, or the blade of a helicopter.  But then, when it slows down and it becomes slower, you’re able to see it.  So, when energy’s moving slowly, it could be the being and the physical body.  It’s dense and you can see it, it’s manifesting in one way.  When the soul leaves the body its vibration is not held or bound to the physical world, and so it vibrates at a higher frequency, but it’s still just energy.

John Petrozzi: I get that…

John Edward: Think about a cell phone.  You’re talking to me in person, we’re talking in a much more physical kind of up close and personal kind of way, but yet me being on the phone and talking to you via the phone, we’re still able to communicate via energy.

John Petrozzi: So – in terms of the soul, what’s your belief and understanding of reincarnation?  And, I suppose, also incarnation?

John Edward: Well, the word ‘carnate’ means ‘of the flesh’.  So when something is to reincarnate, it means to become re-‘of the flesh’.  So you go back to the body, basically.  So, for me, if you use the word ‘discarnate’ or ‘excarnate’, somebody who’s an excarnate would be a soul that’s on the other side, and no longer of this world, while somebody who’s discarnate is somebody who’s the same thing, but who still has a physical world mentality.  When somebody is in the flesh it’s known as being ‘incarnate’ so it’s like they’re in the flesh.  So for me, if somebody has crossed over and they choose to come back, then that’s a reincarnation, ‘come to the flesh’.

John Petrozzi: Okay, so do we actually – do you think that we’ve got a choice to come back?  And do we have a choice in which body we come back to?

John Edward: I think it’s all about choice.  I think it’s about what we’re deciding as a soul, that we need to evolve, and progress, and I actually believe (I know many people do) that we choose the family- soul-grouping, we choose our parents, what part of the world we want to be in, socioeconomic backgrounds, because that’s what will give us the opportunity to learn the lessons we need to learn.  So for example if I need to learn how to use the language Spanish, I’m not going to travel to China; I’m going to travel to Spanish speaking countries, where I can actually utilize speaking the language that I have learned, or need to learn.

John Petrozzi: Okay.  ‘Choices’, that’s an interesting one…  A lot of spiritual teachers say that – give the remark that – we are all One and we will return to One.  What’s your understanding of us being One and all connected?

John Edward: Well, I totally believe that we’re connected and that you can say in some respects that we’re all One; one big organism.  I mean, look at the planet as a whole.  You know, there’s a saying that’s used widely in metaphysics and Astrology: As Above, So Below.  So when you look at ‘As Above, So Below’, if you look at the physical body, we’re made up of cells; many, many, many cells.  Well, if each individual soul was a cell – cell versus soul – then that makes the planet the body.  So it’s just a matter of perspective and seeing things with those eyes.  That’s kind of how I look at life.

John Petrozzi: You know, that saying you just said reminds me of back at Chiropractic College, in the philosophy class, basically the nervous system controls every single cell in the body, every organ, system, and function.  And they say that the nervous system works from above – down – inside-out – which is why we adjust the spine.  So, in terms of souls, do you feel that the souls know when they need to come down, and they know when they need to sort of leave?  Is death a choice?

John Edward: I do believe that the opportunity of coming and going is somewhat of a choice.  If you’re going to take a flight to New York, you’re going to look at what the travel schedules of the different Airlines are, and you’re going to fly there based upon what you need to achieve and do.  So then you’re going to take your flight.  Some flights might not be as conducive for you, but you’re still going to go with the opportunity of taking it because it’s what’s going to get you to the destination in the time period that you need to be there.

John Petrozzi: Okay, that’s making sense.  Then some other writers and spiritual teachers say that the purpose of our spirit coming down to earth, I supposing incarnating in the physical form, is to remember where we came from, which kind of confuses me.  I’ve sort of muddled over this for years, and I don’t quite understand why we’ve forgotten what we need to remember.  Can you shed some light on that one?

John Edward: I can try.  I understand the dilemma that you might experience, or what you’re thinking about when you ask that question, because it seems kind of like an oxymoron.  If you know it, why do you need to forget it to learn it again?  Well, how about we look at it in a very, very basic way?  You clearly have gone to university and college, and you have a background in Chiropracty, and I totally get that.  But now, when was the last time you used trigonometry?

John Petrozzi: Whew!  Not for while.

John Edward: Not for a while; when was the last time you had to balance out a chemical equation?

John Petrozzi: Only a couple of years ago… but yeah – I wouldn’t be able to write one down right now.

John Edward: Exactly.  There are certain things you learned, and then you forgot, but you kind of know them, but then in case you need to use them again you need to re-plug back in – you need to relearn those things again.  So to try and make it as everyday as possible, there’s things that you know; for example, if somebody immigrated here from a different country, if you have a family that came over from Italy, and that family’s been here in Australia, they’re predominantly going to speak English.  As a family – as a unit – English will become their first language, and Italian might fall to the background a little bit.  So when they go back to Italy they’re going to have to re-remember to use what it is that they already know.  It was part of who they are, but then the lesson is – going back to Italy puts them back into the mix to relearn it again.  So think about it in terms of those examples.  But it’s ultimately all about the purpose of the soul, it’s to evolve.  To try and emulate, working through some of the lessons that we need to learn and to take some of the stuff that we’ve learned at our home university, to bring it to work here on the earth’s university.

John Petrozzi: So projecting forward, say, another six, seven hundred years from now; if the earth is still at a point where it’s got civilizations and humans on it, does that mean that if the souls continue to evolve, they’ll be totally different from what we know as human beings right now?

John Edward: I think so, I think that we’re going to see, if we went back five or six hundred years from today, if we had a conversation with people back then, if you were able to do an interview five or six hundred years ago, I think that just the sheer level of technology and the advance that we’ve had both in the sciences and…

John Petrozzi: In spirituality, too.

John Edward: Well, just science alone would have opened up so many things for us – some of the things people did medically or medicinally six hundred years ago are ridiculous right now, patently ridiculous.  But there are also things that we’ve forgotten from six or seven hundred years ago, that people now – in a homeopathic or holistic way – are going back to, with more of an organic approach to healthcare, and the understanding that our modern day medicine comes from being organic, from what the earth has given us.

John Petrozzi: Yeah.

John Edward: So, imagine now going forward five or six hundred years, what will the advances in technology be then?  It really depends upon what framework we’re living in.  What made sense five hundred years ago doesn’t make sense today because of how we’re living and communicating, and how the opportunity for travel makes our world so much smaller, with the internet, so five or six hundred years from now?  I can’t even fathom how things will be

John Petrozzi: Can you actually – do you ever get messages from your guides and spirits about how things are going to turn out, in terms of future events?

John Edward: You know, I used to.  Many, many years ago I would get more information, and I think it was more for me… it wasn’t so much “Let me now predict the future and, oh wow!  Look at me, look how amazing I am!” It was more like “We’re going to show you to pay attention to what we’re telling you, because these events are going to take place.” So I’d get these hits on world events, or things that were very weird… I remember once standing in a hotel overlooking the city of Nashville.  My wife was blow drying her hair behind me, we were getting ready to go downstairs to a dinner function, and I just blurted out that there was going to be an assassination of the President of a small state.  And I remember thinking, “What an odd statement that is,” because in the United States we don’t have Presidents of States, we have Governors; so it should have been like “They’re going to assassinate a Governor,” not the President of a State.  But within a month or six weeks of that statement Yitzhak Rabin, the President of Israel, was shot.

John Petrozzi: Wow

John Edward: So, you know, stuff like that – when that comes up, it means… you know, I joke around now.  I’ll say, “I’m listening to the Psychic News Network,” but I think a lot of the reasons I would get this information early on is so that I would pay attention to the other things.

John Petrozzi: So in terms of listening and hearing, do you hear spirits all the time?

John Edward: I don’t hear them all the time.  It’s like a radio – the radio’s on all the time, you have radio shows and radio stations that go twenty-four-seven, TV stations going twenty-four-seven, but in order to actually hear or see them you have to turn the set on, and focus on the television, and in that respect I would have to turn the TV or radio of my psychic abilities on to play whatever it is happening around me in the world that we live in.

John Petrozzi: So is it a skill, a honed skill, a honed art?

John Edward: Absolutely.

John Petrozzi: In terms of the messages you get from spirits that have crossed, or are crossing, how do you know if there are messages coming from a dark side, or, you know, a non-materialized spirits that are giving you messages, but aren’t quite correct?

John Edward: Well, I do believe that there is a positive and a negative energy.  Period.  End of statement.  Whether it’s in the physical world, or in the afterlife, it’s a reality.  Again, going back to science, we know that there are positive ions and negative ions, so why not have personalities being charged in the same way?  That being said, my spirit guides, the ones I’ve been working with most of my life, they are there to act as – we’ll call them security.  To stop that kind of stuff from being able to infiltrate our sessions.  So that stuff?  It doesn’t apply.

John Petrozzi: Have you had the same guides all the way through your life, or have you..?

John Edward: The majority of them have been hanging out with me since I took on this job, but I think a few of them have left, and some new ones have come in, because I see information changes from time to time, and I’m like “Well that’s… new.” I’ve gotten names and initials, but in the past year to eighteen months I’m getting first names and middle names, and if I’m not getting the middle name of the person, then I know that the two names I get belong to the same family, they go side by side.  So if I get, say, John Robert, and I’ll say to them, “Is his middle name Robert or something like an ‘R’ like John Robert?” and they’ll say “No,” so I’ll say “Then who’s Robert connected to?” and they’ll say “Well, Robert’s his brother.”

John Petrozzi: Yeah, okay.

John Edward: That’s new.

John Petrozzi: That’s new, yeah.  So would you ever get the sort of messages that sort of come from guides like the Holy Spirit?

John Edward: You know, I’ve got a friend who’s a priest, and one night he came to my house and he said to me, “I know you can talk to my grandmother, and we’ve done this a number of times, but tonight I want you to bring out the big guns…”

John Petrozzi: Ah!

John Edward: “I want you to bring in some Saints – let’s see, who do we got?  Who can we get?” And I had a sort of a laugh, and said “That’s not happening.” He asked why, and I said, “Well, think about your history, think about all those people who were seers, who dealt with these high vibrational frequencies; these masters of spiritualism or religion, these iconic people.  Whenever somebody has any sort of connection with them, really bad things happen to them.  Seers in the physical world, they die; they have really bad diseases, or they’re plagued by something, and I truly believe it has to do with the fact that the physical body can’t handle the connection to that voltage, to that kind of higher frequency, so that’s not happening tonight.  Stick to grandma!”

John Petrozzi: Good choice, good choice!  It’d be like getting electrocuted, wouldn’t it?

John Edward: Yeah, it’s a pretty high level of energy to be channelling through people.

John Petrozzi: Wow.  So in terms of finding missing persons, have you done that sort of stuff before?  Helped the authorities find missing people

John Edward: You know, I’ve been pulled into cases… I can’t say that I’m at the top of the list, that the police call me every time there’s missing person, but there are moments I get pulled into it.  There are times where I’ll be doing a reading for family, and I get information on it, and they go back and tell the investigators, and the investigators call me, but I’m very clear that I don’t solve anything.  I provide insight for the people who work on these cases and they solve them, but that’s probably less than three percent of what I do.

John Petrozzi: Wow, okay.  So I don’t know how that sort of work would go, what’s the logistics in terms of, you know, if someone’s just missing, how do you get the messages?

John Edward: They would come from my guides.

John Petrozzi: Okay.

John Edward: As a matter of fact, whenever I work on stuff like that, I don’t like working with the families of the person that’s missing, because they’re too emotionally charged and connected to it, they don’t have the objectivity… but the investigator does.

John Petrozzi: And have you ever actually helped someone cross over, or cross into the light, or..?

John Edward: Fortunately yes, I – I shouldn’t say fortunately.  I have had people I’ve known who I’ve helped to make their transition, or talked them through it, or had the conversations with them that their family members or friends won’t have because it was too painful for them to have that conversation… so yeah, it’s not my favourite thing to do, but I’ve done it.

John Petrozzi: And essentially you’re communicating with the unresolved energy, unresolved spirit, is that right?

John Edward: Oh – I’m actually talking about people before they leave the physical body.  People who are actually sick and whatever, but when people make their transition… I don’t do what you’re referring to.  What I think that you’re referring to is called ‘Rescue Work’, where there might be a soul that’s stuck, or is in transition or doesn’t evolve completely, and there are people or mediums that do that type of work, but I’m not one of them.

John Petrozzi: Okay.  I just watched some of the World Cup Soccer coverage; it’s just about to start, I can’t wait.  I’ve just seen some documentaries about South Africa, and there were some – I suppose they call them the village healers; they’d even call them witch doctors.

John Edward: Yes, they’re called Sangomas.

John Petrozzi: Aha, Sangomas.  So, what kind of energy are they working with?  Are they working with the same spirits or frequency that you’re working with, or something totally different?

John Edward: I think they’re working with the same energies, but I can tell you from firsthand experience, being in South Africa and knowing somebody who went through that experience, I think that their perspective, and this is like any person in the world, whether it be new York, Melbourne, South Africa, or Paris – the person in the physical world, their frame of reference and their perspective, their belief and their religious background, all of that comes into play as a seasoning.  So you can take chicken stock, regular beef or chicken stock, and that could be the soul that’s trying to come through.  But the medium, and their beliefs, their upbringing, who they are as people, is the seasoning; and that seasoning can make the chicken stock hot, or it can make it salty, or it can make it full of pepper, or it can make it taste like cinnamon.  So it really depends on that person’s experiences and what they ‘season’ into it.  So I think the chicken stock is the chicken stock, but the seasoning is what the people bring into it.

John Petrozzi: And is this, I suppose, is it something that people should stay away from, or – in terms of delving into the spirit world, as they say – if you’re not trained what should you do?

John Edward: I don’t want to just say the spirit world.  Because I think we’re talking about metaphysics in general, and I encourage people to delve into their own intuitive side.  As a matter of fact, this fall I’ve got a book coming out called Infinite Quest, that’s trying to teach people how to discover their intuition and to apply it in their day to day lives, but not to do readings.  And I think the place that people shouldn’t go; it’s the place of “Oh wow, I’ve got a couple of hits on things!  I’m going to do readings for people!” The amount of ethics and responsibilities that go into doing work for somebody else is beyond huge, and people do not understand.  I know this from firsthand experience, watching it happen; they don’t understand that what they’re dealing with is not something that is just a party trick.  It’s not like, “Hey, I can get grandma’s name!” They’re opening themselves up to energy.  Now, as a chiropractor you know that when you’re dealing with peoples’ energy and the meridian points in their bodies, and their chi or their prana, you have your hands on another person’s auric field, in their energy…

John Petrozzi: Totally, yeah

John Edward: If you’re working with eight to ten patients a day, you’re now taking on – if you’re not protected energetically – eight to ten peoples’ stuff.

John Petrozzi: I notice that at the end of the day sometimes, yeah.

John Edward: And what’s going to happen?  By the end of the day you’re going to be manifesting some of their stuff.  And because your intent is to help and to heal that person you’re now open to receiving more – almost like an energetic vacuum.  Now what happens is that energy from them goes into your own energy field and you will not see it, hear it, or feel it, but you most certainly will react to it.  So that’s why it’s really important that you don’t just delve lightly into this subject matter.  You immerse yourself in it as soon as you make the decision to look at it.  So it’s kind of like Medusa; you don’t get a chance to not look at her.  You look at her, you’re stone; you’re in.  That’s it, that’s it!  You don’t have a second chance.  So it’s really important, if you’re going to look at Medusa, to have your shades on!

John Petrozzi: Hah!

John Edward: So that her gaze isn’t going to turn you to stone, and you can still participate in the experience.

John Petrozzi: So in terms of intuition, I totally understand what you’re talking about – I often just, you know, when I’m working with someone, stuff just sort of comes up, and they think “Well, how did you know that?” Often times I’ve just put it down to the fact that I worked out in my head how their body’s working, or not working, sort of put two and two together, and it just pops into my head, but if  it is in fact energy transfer, what’s the best way to protect yourself?

John Edward: First and foremost, there are varying techniques that you can actually use; creating visual shields, breathing techniques, using something called the White Light, being able to bring it around you, and then physical things like washing your hands with cold water, shaking the energy off as if you had something that was – you know, if you wash your hand and you don’t have any paper towel, you need to shake that water off, the water representing the energy of the people that are there, to visually give yourself a breather in between clients, and understand, and process, and do a release and letting go of what it was you were just working with, but to go back to what you were saying – energy is no different than pain.  So if you’re dealing with a client and that client’s in pain, and that client’s got a pain in their neck, you’re immediately thinking that maybe the top vertebrae are somehow pinching on the nerve or doing something that’s causing that pain.  So that’s a symptom.  Well, peoples’ energy, invisibly, are symptomatic, and an intuitive person will pick up on that.  If you have your hands in that person’s energy, you’re also going to intuitively get those hits, and it’s kind of like somebody who – you know, I could be a Phlebotomist – I would have to palpate the peoples’ veins.  I didn’t look at the person’s arm when I wanted to feel their veins, I looked away so that my fingers then become the thing that found the vein, and I would visualize it in my head, psychically, that I was actually feeling it.  But it wasn’t just that I was feeling it, it was seeing the fact that it was there.  So that’s what you’re doing as well  – you’re seeing what it is, as you’re touching your patient, and you’re able to see intuitively what’s going on, so then you’ll ask the question to ascertain whether that’s something that actually affecting physical anatomy, and from that diagnostic point of view, put you in lock with their alignment.

John Petrozzi: Yeah, that’s great.  I think I’ll start doing that protection stuff.  Because sometimes the sympathy pains really hurt, I tell you what!

John Edward: Absolutely.  Anybody that does any type of hands on healing – doctors, massage therapists, beauticians, anything that touches somebody else like that – they have to stay on top of that stuff.

John Petrozzi: That’s great, thank you

John Edward: They’re actually giving me the sign I have to wrap this up

John Petrozzi: Yeah, okay, cool John – John, thanks very much for your time – as always!

John Edward: No problem.

John Petrozzi: And that was an interview with John Edwards, world famous Psychic.  I do hope you enjoyed it, as I enjoyed delivering the interview.  He’s a really good guy.  And thanks for joining us today on Living is Easy.

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