Welcome to the website and blog for “Living is Easy”, a weekly 30 minute radio show hosted by John Petrozzi at 6pm every second Wednesday on Sydney’s Eastside Radio 89.7 FM and every Friday on over 25 radio stations across Australia through the Community Radio Network

Each week, John discusses current health & lifestyle issues, bringing experts into the studio and explores all possible ways of achieving and maintaining physical and mental wellness.

Contact John Petrozzi the producer and host of the show if you have any suggestions you might have for future shows.

Dr John Petrozzi is a qualified chiropractor specialising in The Human Spring approach, a full body treatment method for chronic pain, as well as Integrative Medicine for nutritional management and wellness. His centre is called the Body Mind Central in Leichhardt (formerly called Petrozzi Wellness Centre) which provides holistic/ full body chiropractic, wellness psychology, integrative medicine, massage and life coaching.

For more information about health topics and inspiration check out these other websites:

www.bodymindcentral.com.au www.suzipetrozzi.com Empowered Women Retreat information

Facebook John and Suzi Petrozzi Facebook: BodyMindCentral   Facebook: SuziPetrozzi

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