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JOHN PETROZZI: Hi. Welcome to Living Is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. Thanks for joining us today.

Well, today, I’m really excited to be speaking with the woman of the internet. Her name is Lilou Mace. You may have heard of her or watched some of her YouTube videos. She has one of the most popular YouTube sites on the internet, with over, I think, 4.5 million views so far. Lilou hosts an interview style show on the internet, where she speaks to a lot of inspirational authors, scientists, health-related people, and people in the spiritual fields.

Hi, Lilou, and thanks for coming on the show.

LILOU MACE: Hey, thanks for having me.

JOHN PETROZZI: How are you?

LILOU MACE: This is fun, all the way to Australia. I love it!

JOHN PETROZZI: Pretty cool, isn’t it?


JOHN PETROZZI: When you say “Australia,” you’re really the Oprah Winfrey of the internet, though, aren’t you?

LILOU MACE: That’s a nice compliment. Thank you. Well, I do interview people. I just love spreading the joy, so I guess there is some common thing there. But I am French, so the French in American background, and my face is the internet. So I really think there are so many opportunities for sharing inspirational messages in the internet right now, and people are so open.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, they are. I know your site gets a lot of hits. How many hits has it had so far?

LILOU MACE: Over five million.

JOHN PETROZZI: Over five million?

LILOU MACE: Well, just over video views themselves.


LILOU MACE: So it started on YouTube and then I started a web TV, because I had so much videos and so many interviews, I had to categorise that – who’s related to relationships or to 2012 or to the Law of Attraction or other things that people are interested about.

JOHN PETROZZI: Wow, it sounds like a fulltime job.

LILOU MACE: It is. It is now. Actually, I used to have my own business. I’m 33, but I used to have my own business for eight years, designing websites. Then, I had this position in London as director of marketing for a company. I lost my job there in 2009. I wrote a book, “I Lost My Job and I Liked It” out of that experience just right after, because I decided to apply all the universal laws and all the things that I had learned from all those wonderful teachers and see if they really worked.

So it is really my diary for 30 days right after losing my job and applying all the things, the practices, and shifting my moods to positive, and to attract my dream job. Now, it’s a fulltime job. It took me quite a lot of courage to just go for it and saying, “You know what, this is what I want to do with my life. I want to make a living at interviewing people. This is what I want to do and this is what I’m going to do.”

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, you are doing, because you are starting in January a tour around the States, called the “Juicy Living Tour.”

LILOU MACE: Yeah, that’s correct. That’s right now a 12 months plan across the US but the idea is really to make it worldwide, because of the internet. It’s going really all around the world. People are watching those interviews and videos everywhere, so it’s going to be subtitled. For now, it’s us going around the US. This is being created as we speak, but the idea is in the bus.

Starting from San Jose, I’m going all around interviewing spiritual authors and inspirational people really that have this juice, this spark for life. Then, capturing that on camera, broadcasting that everyday online and showing to everybody what an exciting life, what exciting things are happening right now in the world, and how our own life can be magic if we practice all that.

JOHN PETROZZI: So Lilou, what is it that has driven you to this journey of discovering and speaking to so many people and just creating a juicy life? What’s driven you to it?

LILOU MACE: I just wanted to connect and grow and to make connections. I’ve always been very curious and reading books, really just all of that happen and unfold, and I’m still surprised. At the same time, I play big and see big, but I really feel like I’m in a dream, you know. It’s really unfolding. So yeah, we’ll see how this is going from now on, but it’s a really big job.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, it is. Tell me about the book that you’ve written. Because you’ve had an experience at work where, I suppose, you liked what you were doing but it just wasn’t quite fulfilling.

LILOU MACE: Yeah. I was stressed, and I was doing the videos on the side always after the other work. So I was doing the work during the day and then doing this. I just didn’t like the working environment, to be honest, and I was not happy. I worked there for seven months, and one day, I received this call that I had lost my job (I was maybe redundant). So it’s quite a humbling experience. I felt like a total loser. The simple fact that I was already putting out some videos about how to be positive and how to create a life of our dreams, and there I was, you know, losing my job. But I decided to just really play it full out and to share this experience with others and to see the positive in all of that.

So from that point on, it really opened. I went into some dark moments where the old world collapsed, you know, the world where I was going after the money, the status, the car, and this and that – all the outside to try to make myself happy. I realised that this could not continue anymore; this was way too much suffering.

So I let go of that side of that world and opened myself up and reopened my heart, because I was truly always missing there to be 100%, and rediscovering myself and removing those limiting barriers that I had set for myself.

JOHN PETROZZI: So, Lilou, you have interviewed so many interesting people now on your site, especially after that sort of momentous occasion of losing your job and writing a book. You’ve interviewed a lot of people that have spoken about different topics, like spirituality, health, science, life in general, how to do things better. Who are some of the standout people that have really made an impression on you?

LILOU MACE: People that have made a big impression?


LILOU MACE: Oh, my god. I really love Dr. John Demartini that has the breakthrough experience.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, he’s great.

LILOU MACE: I know he goes quite often to Australia.


LILOU MACE: He’s really, really brilliant. What a genius. He has so much information; you can ask him any question, he just pops it.

JOHN PETROZZI: He knows it all.

LILOU MACE: He’s brilliant and very humble, yet very pleasant. He’s just, “Whoa!” Another man that I love and I’ll be actually interviewing soon, because he had a recent health problem, a heart transplant, Don Miguel Ruiz, who wrote “The Four Agreements” and “The Fifth Agreement.” When you’re in contact with him, you’ll just feel so much loved. You’re really present to love, and it’s a beautiful, amazing feeling, and it doesn’t take long for feeling that.

I love doing those sessions right now. I’m doing a lot of sessions with Michael Losier, the bestselling author of the Law of Attraction. We’re doing a lot of series. He’s coaching me and I’m putting all of that online – how I’m actually attracting everything that I need for the tour by using the Law of Attraction deliberately. That’s a lot of fun.

JOHN PETROZZI: That would be awesome. Tell me—because the Law of Attraction is a term that is used a lot by people who are writing books at the moment. Can you give us your spin on what you think the Law of Attraction is and what “attracting” actually means?

LILOU MACE: Yeah. Well, the Law of Attraction is a term that was used for something that has been existing. It’s really that our outside world or what we see outside is a mirror of our inside. So whatever we’re feeling and thinking and putting our moods on and resonating with, this is what we’re attracting, this is what we’re getting, this is what we’re living, this is the problems we’re getting, or the awesome things. So we are really responsible for our life, we’re responsible for the great and the bad.

Once you start applying that deliberately and understanding more the mechanism and how it’s important to shift your thinking and really focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want that you start to really attract awesome things in your life, and it brings even more joy and gratitude, and it’s a lot of fun.

JOHN PETROZZI: How are you using it to organise your Juicy Living Tour?

LILOU MACE: Michael is really teaching me and we’re doing those coaching sessions. You can find them on my website, I put it under “Success and Law of Attraction” tab. It’s called the “Deliberate Attraction Series.”

So in each session, we’re just going in and he’s checking my vibration. He’s checking where I’m at, he’s checking how positive I am or where my doubts are, and things. Then, we start looking at that. So let’s say it’s about sponsorship, he says, “Okay, what don’t you like about sponsorship?” and we look at what I don’t like about currently what’s happening about sponsorship, like the crisis, they’re non-existent, and it’s hard to find them and they want to control you, and this and that – all those ideas that I had about sponsorship. Then, that helps us to create a priority list of really what I want out of that.

So we take each of those items and we cross them, and then we look at, “Okay, what do I want? Actually, I want sponsorship to contact me. I want them to be proud of participating in this tour and making a difference. I want them to be this and that,” and then you shift right there, and then you hold that. You put attention on it. A big part of the process is allowing and really letting go while you’re still focusing on it.

So we’re just using it as ways to attract the things that I want, and yet, at the same time, being open enough as to how that need is going to be fulfilled. Because sometimes we don’t know; sometimes we think we know but put a barrier as to really what would be best for us.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Sometimes. Exactly right. I watched one of your YouTube videos where you’re going out and looking for the bus to use for your tour. I think you really seem to be flying by the seat of your pants really, because you had an idea that you had to go and speak to someone about a bus, and that place didn’t work out. But then, right next door was another place and when you started the conversation with them and did an awesome video really of the bus company.

You got a really great impression of who they are, because after watching that video, I thought, “Yeah, those guys are pretty good. If I was in the States, I’d use their company.” And really, you seemed to be going along the journey with open-mindedness about the whole thing, thinking, “Oh, if that doesn’t work out, something else will pop up. And I know it will pop up because I’m committed to this.”

LILOU MACE: Yeah. Exactly. I really focused on, I just know that everything is happening for the best, whether it’s something that can really seem like horrible, I don’t know, like for me, losing my job was really terrible, but it turned out to be really, really, really for the best.


LILOU MACE: And now, I’m living my dream. So even if something doesn’t happen as I want, I know that ultimately, it’s going to be for the best. I know the Juicy Living Tour will be impacting people, but I have to constantly be the leader and put my heart in it and my intention and focus, but at the same time, I have to just be there and be an observer of all of that, and participate and just know when there is an inspired action, when there is synchronicity, you know, when there is really something that feels just right as the right piece, then I move.


LILOU MACE: So I do less but I try to move when it feels right.

JOHN PETROZZI: With that feeling, Lilou, tell us about what it feels like when you’re about to take a step into a particular decision. So now you’re pretty in touch with your feelings.

LILOU MACE: Yeah. It feels just right. It feels just good. It’s like a click. It’s just “Whoa!” It’s like these quarter-second where it just fits and there is no second-guessing; it’s that. And if I have that really feeling, I just go for it. I move from country to country. I just go. I don’t look back. If I really feel that- it’s something that you’re inspired, you know. You’re not euphoric, either. It just feels right. There’s a certain vibration to it, and there’s a sort of perfectness about it that just feels like “This is it” or “This is the right person” or “This is the right book that I’m supposed to read” or “I’m supposed to attend this seminar.”

So sometimes, if we’re in doubt, then that’s not the moment to make that decision.


If you just joined us, we’re speaking to the lovely lady, Lilou Mace, who’s got a very popular web TV website. Her videos have been seen over five million times now, so it’s a very popular place to go to. It’s She’s organised, this coming year, a Juicy Living Tour around the States, where she’s going to be speaking to inspirational authors, philosophers, regular Joe Blow on the street, trying to work out what makes people tick, and then she puts those things up onto the website, where people can watch those and be inspired. Because sometimes, people do feel alone and it’s nice to know that there are people out there making something of their life, without all those fanfare behind them.

Lilou, I know that you tried to get a show via the Winfrey network, and it didn’t quite work out at that time. You know what? I watched some of your stuff and I think that having a network show like that would quite restrict you. Do you think that would happen?

LILOU MACE: Yeah. I think you’re right. I wasn’t seeing that before. You see, Oprah has been my inspiration for a long time, but really in 2006, when I moved to Chicago, I met her shortly after moving here and I saw her doing a show on her job, you know, in her life, in her dream job, which is what she’s doing. I was so blown away and my whole body just, “Oh, my god, this is it. This is what I want to do.” I had no idea what it was exactly like, but that was my point of reference at that time. So without having done any media school or anything, I just decided to post more and more of those videos. Being a shy person myself, just going, “Okay, let me just do it.”

So then, when I heard four years later, after putting hundreds and hundreds of videos out and starting to train myself that she was looking for a host on her Oprah Winfrey Network, I immediately jumped on the occasion, and really within a week, I moved back to Chicago, because at that time, I had returned back to France. So I found a place, I’ve shifted around, because I had to be a resident to apply for the show. I just took that plane. I just knew it; there were so many synchronicities. I’m like, “This is it. I’m supposed to be part of this reality show and have that training and coaching. I would just love it, just even marinate, you know, in this atmosphere.”

It would be such an amazing experience, even though if I’m not the person being selected, let’s say, but at least, getting into this process was just very- so I just moved here. That was in June, and now we are in November. So I said, “Okay, if everything goes according to plan, I need to stay five months,” because then the show starts in California. So I just took a place for five months here, back here in Chicago where I had lived two years before. I went to the audition, I put the video out. There were 20,000 people that applied for it. Then I went to Atlanta for an open audition. There were so many people there again. But nothing happened out of it. No phone call from the producer – nothing.

I was just like, “What is going on? Why is this happening? Why is there nothing? It can’t be. There were too many signs.” There I met actually in Atlanta Sharon Reagan who used to work for major corporations and sponsorship and recognised me from YouTube and said, “I just really believe in you and I want to be there. I’m going to be your champion. I’m going to make it happen. I want to be there.” So from that point on, that’s when the Juicy Living Tour started to launch.


LILOU MACE: So we’ve been working on it since July, and really, it all happened in all that. The ideas for the tour started flowing in once I let go of the Oprah, you know, the “big O” and the whole idea. Then I saw the network would have restricted me totally.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, totally. Exactly right, because that would sort of really dictate what you have to say, who the guests, and a whole list of it.

LILOU MACE: Yeah. Right now, it’s in pure creation, you know, it’s in pure potential. I can go right and left, and I really do hope, though, that some big network would get involved. I’m sure that there’s some production and networks that will give that freedom, and then, it will be a perfect match.

JOHN PETROZZI: Lilou, we’re almost out of time, but can you tell us a bit about that 100-day reality challenge that you had on the internet? What is it about?

LILOU MACE: That’s how really the old whole video started. It’s with two other friends in 2005, we were doing a lot of seminars, we noticed that we have [0:19:41] when we go on seminars, you know, for a week after the seminar, and then we go back to our regular life. So we thought of creating the 100-day challenge: for 100 days, people apply the Universal Law or the Law of Attraction, or set goals and share that on blog or video blog, and then you share your entire journey.

So that’s how I started posting online and on YouTube. Now, there’s about nearly 6,500 members from over 120 countries participating in this website. It’s awesome. It’s you can just search the “100-day reality challenge” (because there’s 200-day challenge) on YouTube or on Google, and then you just find it. It’s a very positive, inspiring, free open community.

JOHN PETROZZI: Lilou, what do you think is going to happen over the next year on your bus tour?

LILOU MACE: I think I’m going to come to Australia!


LILOU MACE: I think Australia is definitely one of the countries I want to, you know, I want to extend this worldwide, so through Europe, through Asia, through Australia – everywhere.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Fantastic.

LILOU MACE: I mean, in a year, I’ll still be on the tour here, but shortly after that, you know, Australia is one of the top places I love. I love this country.

JOHN PETROZZI: There’s plenty of buses here.


JOHN PETROZZI: What kind of legacy do you think are you going to leave behind when you’re gone?

LILOU MACE: Oh, my god. I’ve never been asked that question! I don’t know! I really have never thought of it that way, of when I leave, okay? Well, I hope some inspiration.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Because you definitely-

LILOU MACE: And the videos, millions of videos by that time on YouTube.

JOHN PETROZZI: Oh, you will do. They will be archived.

LILOU MACE: So, we’ll see. I don’t know. But I’m really trying to be more in the present moment, you know. I’m just living it fully.


LILOU MACE: And I think there’s more. We’re in the present moment, living our full potential, getting in the zone of “in the flow,” in the zone of the genius of what Gay Hendricks talks about—actually, right now, I’m reading “The Big Leap,” and it’s all about that. It’s an awesome, awesome book—the more then we leave awesome stuff behind us and people are inspired, but the moment is now, you know. It’s now to do that.

JOHN PETROZZI: Hm. Fantastic. Lilou, that’s all we have time for. Thanks a lot for coming on the show today.

LILOU MACE: Well, you are awesome. You are fantastic and you are a great host. I just love your question and the flow of all this.

JOHN PETROZZI: Thanks very much, Lilou, all the best for the tour. I know all the people listening to the show today across Australia are going to probably jump on your site and look at the places you got to visit and people you speak to.

LILOU MACE: Awesome. And the different places we’ll be visiting will be online on the Only, probably in two weeks, the site will be up.

JOHN PETROZZI: All right, cool. And maybe we can sort of talk again in the months to come and see how it’s all going for you.

LILOU MACE: I would love that.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, it would be great.

LILOU MACE: Thank you.

JOHN PETROZZI: Thanks, Lilou.

LILOU MACE: Have a beautiful day.


And that was Lilou Mace. Have a look at the tour. Just type in “Juicy Living Tour” on the internet or that “100-Day Reality Challenge” or just type in “Lilou Mace” and take a look at some of her YouTube videos, because there are some pretty amazing people she has spoken to and lots to learn for us all.

Thanks for joining us today. If you’d like to listen to this as a podcast, just go to our website, which is and it will be up there shortly. All right, well, thanks for joining us and I look forward to speaking to you all again next time.

I’m John Petrozzi. Until next time, stay well and stay happy.

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