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JOHN PETROZZI: Hi. Welcome to Living Is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. Thanks for joining us today.

Well, get ready because today, we’re speaking to world famous psychic medium, John Edward, who’s here at the moment on his Australian tour. He’s the star of the show called “Crossing Over,” and you may have seen him on TV or read one of his books.

Hi, John, and thanks for joining us today on the show.

JOHN EDWARD: Thanks for having me.

JOHN PETROZZI: So how was it touring the world, doing what you love to do?

JOHN EDWARD: Having the opportunity to be able to do what you do and see many places is definitely a great opportunity, and it’s the ability to have a regenerative look at what you do as a profession.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. For people who haven’t heard of you before or seen your work, what is it that you do?

JOHN EDWARD: I’m a psychic medium. I have the ability to connect with energy and talk about what’s happening in their life now, things that are projected for them, as well as make a connection with their family and friends who are on the “other side,” bringing you through validations of their survival of consciousness and [0:00:58].

JOHN PETROZZI: How did you first develop the skills or how did you know you had the skills?

JOHN EDWARD: Very simply, I had a reading when I was 15 years old. a psychic told me I had this ability and she kind of put me on the staff.

JOHN PETROZZI: Just simple as that?

JOHN EDWARD: It’s really that simple.

JOHN PETROZZI: I did read your book. I think you mentioned your grandmother in there. she had the ability to-

JOHN EDWARD: Well, my mom and my grandmother in that side of the family always had psychics come to the house to do readings, and they were very, very open to the subject matter. That was pretty much the conduit for me; they had a psychic come to the house and she did a reading for me. She basically said that this was what my life’s work was supposed to be. At 15, I thought she was really [0:01:39].

JOHN PETROZZI: Wow! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I think you mentioned once that because your dad was a policeman and he wasn’t too happy about the psychic stuff happening in the house.

JOHN EDWARD: Yeah. Not at all. He actually had a hard fast rule that if any of that stuff was going on that I had to be not around it. My mom and dad separated and eventually divorced; I was about 13 years old. She just basically said, “Don’t tell your father what’s going on, because I don’t want to have to deal with him.”

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, fair enough. So you just went on and developed your skills on the side. So what is it about energy that you feel? Is it in fact a skill that any of us can develop?

JOHN EDWARD: Well, I think that we all have the ability to connect with energy, and I think it’s a matter of how it gets portrayed and what your perspective is and how you look at things. Everybody has a perspective about how they look at their life. Some people have a negative perspective; some people are very optimistic and positive. So I think it’s important to understand that we’re all here to learn lessons and to understand that we’re all interacting with the universe and that we have to look at it as being the classroom of life and try to figure out how we could best learn while we’re going through the experiences.

Sometimes, some of the experiences are not easy ones; they can be very, very difficult, or they can be lessons that are not ones that you really want to have to deal with. So I always tell folks, “When you’re kind of going through stuff that’s just tough—family stuff or job stress—whatever it might be that at the moment we’re kind of moving through, or sometimes all of the above, try to figure out what it is that you’re supposed to be learning, and from an objective standpoint, shift or change your perspective. Because if you could do that, that could be huge.

There’s a writer whose name is Dr. Wayne Dyer, and he’s written many, many books. He was on a talk show in the States. It was an afternoon talk show on CNN called “Talk Back Live.” I will never forget when the host, almost like a tax journalist, said to him, “Dr. Dyer, do you really truly believe that somebody can change his life in just a moment?” and I was waiting to see what his big answer was going to be. He just simply looked at her and went, “Yes,” and nothing else needed to be said. It’s really, really true. I really subscribe to that, like life can happen in a moment. You don’t want to miss it.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. And this, in your opinion, is about perspective.

JOHN EDWARD: It is about perspective and it’s about looking at the energy that you’re currently in and going, “I don’t really like this.” You know what, why is it that people, if you have a size 32 waist and you go put on a pair of pants that are size 36, they’re going to fall of you. You’re not going to wear that. But on the flip side of it, if you have a size 36 waist and you go and try to put on a 32, it’s not going to fit.

So if people will look at the energy around them like a clothing, if it fits or it doesn’t fit, you know, if you look at things in that kind of way, see what works or doesn’t work for you and understand how you can move forward with your life with the decisions that you’re making.

JOHN PETROZZI: Sure. So maybe some easy steps for people is if there’s something troubling you, a particular problem that’s happening or maybe a repeated problem that’s happening from day to day or week to week, then it could simply be just identifying what it is and actually deciding, “Yes, I like it,” or “No, I don’t like it,” and then changing your perspective around that.

JOHN EDWARD: Absolutely. And that there is a metaphysical tool that can help you understand that. So as long as you can get out on your own way—and most people, I hate to say, sometimes, they just can’t get out of their own way—if you look at astrology; astrology is a universal that can be used to understand what’s happening in your life right now, where you’re at and what’s going on around you.

So if you look at astrology, you can look at it in that capacity as being a tool. If you look at numerology, that could be the same thing. And that’s what they are; they’re basically tools that can give you insights into the world that’s happening now.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Are you afraid of death, knowing what you know?

JOHN EDWARD: No, I’m not afraid of death.

JOHN PETROZZI: What do we have to look forward to, John? What does the after-life bring us?

JOHN EDWARD: You know, I really think it’s a different experience for every individual. But I tell people at times, “I live here; I don’t live there. So I really don’t know what it’s completely like on the other side, and I feel like I’ve had a casual glimpse at what it could be like because of the work that I do here.”

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. So you get your particular pictures or actually messages through pictures, don’t you? Or through sound?

JOHN EDWARD: Three different ways. My information comes through in three basic ways: I see it, hear it, and feel it, which is clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentient. From whatever it is that I’m seeing, hearing and feeling, I interpret my frame of reference and then pass on to the person, not knowing full well that I could be completely misinterpreting what they’re saying. But I like to make sure that people understand what exactly it is that I’m seeing as to why I’m saying what I’m saying.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, of course. So you’d have to be a very grounded sort of person to be able to make the right interpretation, wouldn’t you?

JOHN EDWARD: I think it helps to be, you know, to find or achieve a level of balance is important always when you’re doing a session, because you want to make sure you’re coming from the right place when you’re doing this work, absolutely.

JOHN PETROZZI: Can you turn it on or off?

JOHN EDWARD: At this point in my career, yes, I can turn it on or off.


JOHN EDWARD: It happens to be something that I have the ability to turn on or off.

JOHN PETROZZI: But prior to that, you just get messages from, you know-

JOHN EDWARD: When I was a kid, you know, when your ego gets in the way of like, “Hey, look what I could go,” that type of thing, you want to show off your newfound ability. Then you kind of learn that there’s an ethic and a responsibility to doing it and that maybe it’s not appropriate always to be the show-off or the know-it-all. You have to let people kind of go through their own experience and learn from them.

JOHN PETROZZI: Sure. What’s it like for you on stage? Because you do shows or demonstrations to many thousands of people all at one time, what’s it like for you?

JOHN EDWARD: It’s invigorating. It’s inspirational. You know, it’s a phenomenal opportunity to be able to be a bridge for people to let them know that their family and friends are okay. But it’s also really, really cool to be able to empower people the tools to help them shift and change their perspective in some ways. I tell them, “You know, I don’t have all the answers. But I’ve had some great experiences in 25 years of that and it kind of helped paint the picture of lighting the way for people to say, “Hey, maybe I could get my [0:07:42] done,” “Maybe I could check out their numbers,” or “Maybe I can understand why this is happening.”

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Do you feel like you got a bit of a burden sometimes? Many people ask you questions and ask for the answers.

JOHN EDWARD: You know, I guess I don’t feel it being a burden. I mean, it’s a lot of responsibility but I see it as being an honor.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, quite amazing. I’ve got a few more questions. Do we have time, John?


JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. In terms of scary moments for you, like when it comes time to break some news to somebody that maybe they weren’t expecting from one of their loved ones who had passed over, what do you do? Do you sort of hold back a little bit or do you just always say it like it is?

JOHN EDWARD: I pretty much say it like it is. You know, I will deliver the message as best I possibly think, knowing full well that I’m not 100% accurate, but I’m going to show them that what I’m seeing, hearing and feeling as to why I’m saying what I’m saying, in case I do misinterpret it. They’ll be able to benefit from it when we’re done.

JOHN PETROZZI: So, you’re always out there to validate what it is that person had lived and what kind of life they had lived.

JOHN EDWARD: Absolutely.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. Because that’s really, I suppose, the truth, wasn’t it?

JOHN EDWARD: Yeah, validation is key, and validation is extremely important.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve read of books of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

JOHN EDWARD: The Law of Attraction?


JOHN EDWARD: I first learned of their work in “The Secret,” and they’re all part of the Law of Attraction. I’m not very familiar with their teachings. I only saw them in “The Secret,” but I don’t know them.

JOHN PETROZZI: That’s okay. I’m just wondering, in terms of the work that they do and the work that you do, are you essentially channeling? Or are you, like you said before, just feeling the energies and seeing pictures and sounds?

JOHN EDWARD: Well, I guess it all falls under the umbrella of channeling. It’s kind of like this whole psychic work, but it’s all channeling. As a medium, I’m doing what’s called indirect voice mediumship, which is where they’re basically communicating to me and I then pass on the information. There’s no entity that’s occupying the same space that I am. Whereas, I believe Esther is allowing Abraham to actually be channeled under his name that comes in, maybe come in and speak through her, which is more trans-channeling a direct voice.

JOHN PETROZZI: Okay. Just in terms of the energy and messages that we get from day to day, if we’re willing to see them. What kind of everyday occurrences should we be looking out for when a spirit or someone is trying to communicate with us?

JOHN EDWARD: Well, let’s use the analogy. You know, you were taught the alphabet; you know your ABCs. But you don’t walk around looking at things going, “Oh, that’s a B. That’s an F. That’s a G.” You don’t do that. You just read. The energy comes to the other and you read. That’s what I think people should learn, the ABCs of this work and energy, so that when they do perceive it, they see the words, the paragraphs, and they read it. They don’t see the isolated letter of it.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yes, I get what you mean. There’s a thing coming up that people are talking about around 2012, where there’s a change in global energy, whether that’s physical energy or just things that are going to happen or people are going to start to think about. What do you think about 2012?

JOHN EDWARD: You know, I see a couple of things. That means that whenever you put a huge level of intense thought onto a subject matter, then you create a shift. I think that with so many people putting that spin on it, yeah, there will definitely be a consciousness because they’re starting a dialogue. And whenever you start a dialogue, you raise awareness. Whenever you raise awareness, you can take action. So when all that kind of comes together, will this be the end of the world? No.

JOHN PETROZZI: Actually that takes me back to your website. I saw you got a new website, “Quest”?

JOHN EDWARD: Yes, it’s

JOHN PETROZZI: I went to it the other day and had a look at it. You’ve got quite a few different people on there. You’ve got astrologists, astronomers, numerologists and healers, a whole lot of people on there.

JOHN EDWARD: There are over 50 contributors of different aspects of metaphysics that are on there. One of the things that we do is basically network. On this network, we’ve got eight different channels of content that are constantly being updated and changed and shifted.

JOHN PETROZZI: What is it that brought this stuff around you? Why are we getting so enthralled in vampire movies and ghost stories and energy and psychics just like yourself?

JOHN EDWARD: Well, you know, to me, that’s like saying, “Why are we interested in pandas and crocodiles and people and cars? They’re not all connected, except for the fact that they all [0:12:26]. I mean, for me, I think that we’re at a time, society-wise, we’re a people who want to become more self-empowered and we want to evolve, and they’re looking for the tools to be able to do that. They’re looking outside of the box. I think that’s why there’s more of a necessity for it.

I mean, for me, it’s like the last thing I need on my plate to develop an internet site, an IPT, internet protocol television site, to come up with content and do all this stuff. I’m pretty busy as it is, but doing this helps to raise more awareness. When my guys told me that I needed to kind of launch this, I was like, “Okay.” So this is what I’m doing while I’m trying to do everything else. But I’m very happy with the result because it’s been a place that a lot of people have come at to learn about things and a place where they know that if my name’s involved with it, then it’s going to be standard that’s there.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah, that’s right. John, before we go, unfortunately, we have to finish because you’re really busy today.

JOHN EDWARD: I’m crazy busy.

JOHN PETROZZI: Lots of interviews, so I won’t keep you. But do you have any last comments for us or for our listeners from the work that you do?

JOHN EDWARD: You know, people look outside themselves outside all the time, and they look at somebody like me or someone who’s a practitioner of metaphysics to do things for them. It’s no different from fitness. You know, you learn from a nutritionist, you learn from the physical therapist, you learn from a fitness trainer. But what you learn, you have to practice for yourself.

So if somebody is doing anything that has to do with metaphysics, you know, it’s not about learning about it to go do readings for other people, it’s about learning about it so that you could live a better and more empowered life yourself.

JOHN PETROZZI: Yeah. I like the sound of it. That’s great. Thanks, John, for coming on the show. We really appreciate it.

JOHN EDWARD: Thank you so much.

JOHN PETROZZI: Our pleasure.


JOHN PETROZZI: And that was John Edward, world famous psychic medium, talking and sharing his insights into the after-life. Thanks for listening today and I look forward to catching you all again next week.

This is Living Is Easy. I’m John Petrozzi. Until next time, stay well and stay happy.

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