Shakti Durga – An ex barrister becomes a spiritual teacher

Shakti Durga

You have to listen to this interview. I speak to Shakti Durga who was a successful Australian barrister and had several life changing moments to become a co-founder of the Shanti Mission in Australia. She now runs courses for people who want to live a more spiritual life and get closer to the […]

Rio Life’s Acai berry – An Environmentally Friendly Farmed Super food

Rio Life’s Acia berry

In this interview I speak to one of the founders of RioLife which produce and environmentally friendly farmed superfood called Acai (Ah sigh- ee) berry. We talk about what the company is giving back to the Amazon community in way of providing schools and other town based initiatives. The Acai berry […]

Rhiannon Rees – Amazing Story

Rhiannon Rees

This women has an amazing story of hardships that she has overcome to become a highly successful coach and mentor to others. Rhiannon has been homeless, had a cross dressing husband and that is just the start of it. She has written a book called ‘How To Climb Mount Everest In Sandals’, and […]

Paul Fenton-Smith talks about Intuition

Paul Fenton-Smith

We all have intuition, the point is that some people really know how to use it to their advantage and others have no clue it even exists. In this interview with my guest Paul Fenton-Smith it is revealed how we all have intuition and he speaks about some coll little games we can […]

Mark Bunn – Ancient Wisdom For Modern Health


Mark Bunn is an exAFL football player and a long time student of Ayuvedic Medicine. We talk about his recent book called Ancient Wisdom For Modern Health. Listen in on how you can improve your level of wellbeing through some of the ancient wisdom gathered from ancient Indian cultures.

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