Mind-Body Language, in this interview I speak with Inna Segal

Inna Segal

Inna’s personal journey has revealed to her the secret language of the body, her book of the same title is a revealing manuscript that helps us better understand this immaterial and sometimes esoteric connection. Enjoy the show and I hope it brings light to our healing journey.
For more information go to http://www.innasegal.com

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John Edward speaking about crossing over with John Petrozzi

John Edward

I have interviewed John Edward, world famous psychic, several times over the last few years because he is able to speak about touchy topics like death and crossing over in an easy to understand way. And also he is a great guy and I enjoy speaking with him. Have fun with the show.
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Can we really be wired for joy? Or for sadness? Or happiness?

Laurelle Mellin

In this interview I speak to Laurelle Mellin a psychologist who has written a book called Wired For Joy where she talks about her technique called Emotional Brain Training (EBT). We talk about brain neurology, the actual hardwiring of the brain. And how we can actually change it. This is another fascinating interview […]

Rev. Karen Russo speaks about Spirituality and Money

Karen Russo

In this interview I speak to Rev. Karen Russo about a seemingly odd combination, Spirituality and Money. In modern times people are becoming more accepting of the energetic of thought, and in my chiropractic practice I see the effects of thoughts on physical health every day. Most of the time in a negative […]

Kelly Woodruff - What is Reconnective Yoga?

Kelly Woodruff

Kelly Woodruff is a trainer and teacher in Reconnective Yoga, it is a combination of Reconnective Healing and Yoga. Kelly describes it as a yoga class on steroids. I hope you enjoy the interview, to find out more go to www.thereconnection.com

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