Dr John Demartini June 2012: Live in Sydney

Dr John Demartini

I was able to interview Dr John Demartini in all his glory while teaching a group over a few hundred people in Sydney. We talk about his Demartini Method, how to create change and lots more inspiring topics. Enjoy the show. Here is a useful link www.drdemartini.com

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Dr James Stoxen: The Human Spring Approach

Dr James Stoxen

Are you in pain? Have you tried all treatment approaches with not much success? Have you lost the spring in your step? In this interview I speak to Dr James Stoxen of Team Doctors in Chicago. He has over 25 year of experience treating high performance athletes and celebrities, and through this […]

Dr Joe Dispenza: The change agent

Dr Joe Dispenza

In this interview I interviewed Dr Joe Dispenza on his recent trip to Sydney while he was presenting a workshop at the Maritime Museum in Sydney about how you can change a habit. Lots of juicy information in this show which I hope you can apply to areas of your life right […]