Marianne Williams speaks about Weight Loss

Marianne Williams

Do you have to start an energetic weight loss program? Do you carry around ‘Fatty and bulky’ thoughts with you all day long. Are your thoughts making you fat? These are the questions I pose to my guset, Marianne Williamson as she is the author of ‘A Couse In Weight Loss’. She has […]

Leo Angart – Vision Training

Leo Angart

Did you ever think that you could ever throw away your glasses? In this interview I speak to Mr Leo Angart who has developed a vision training course which he take around the worl helping people do just that…Throw away their spectacles for good, or at least improve their vision. Have a listen […]

Emma Sutherland- Women’s Health

Emma Sutherland

Emma was a fun person to interview, we talk about the Women’s Health topics and how diet and nutrition plays a huge role in general wellbeing.

Emma Sutherland (N.D.BachHSc) has spent years working with patients in the therapeutic areas of weight loss, infertility, miscarriage prevention, IVF support and HypnoBirthing. At her naturopath clinic in […]

Your Brain, Your Life- Make It What You Want

Dr Robyn Leeder

It was really nice speaking to Dr Robyn Leeder, one of the authors of this book called ‘Your Brain, Your Life’. We spoke about some really easy and fun ways to improve your brain health and ultimately your overall wellbeing.

The book is written so as to empower the average reader who wants […]

Friendship is a Powerful Medicine

Compeer is a volunteer support and social program that uses the power of friendship to help people with mental illnesses live happier, more satisfying lives. The program recruits, screens, and matches volunteers with people recovering from mental illness. This is a volunteer program run by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Many Compeer participants have […]