Jenny Smedley talk about her past life experience

Jenny Smedley

In this interview I speak to Jenny Smedley who is able to remember her past lives. Angels have been a huge part of Jenny’s life, ever since a life-changing angel visitation on a train. She considers herself very lucky to have been put onto her life path by this angel, and has been given gifts (such as the ability to create unique, personal angel portraits and do readings from them), in order to help her achieve her role in this life. She was also saved from a plane crash by an angel. She has written many books on the topic ans I hope you enjoy the show. Jenny can be contacted on

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5 comments to Jenny Smedley talk about her past life experience

  • Wayne

    Hello, I just this moment stumbled upon your website and thought I would offer a story or two concerning true accounts of my experiences. I say true accounts only because they are that, true.

    The reason for telling these stories are soley to offer inspiration to others and show what can be accomplished if one tries to raise themselves up, and by ridding oneself of the negative qualities within.

    That said, where do I send my story/s … or is it on this same page.


  • Anne Marie Wylie

    Dear Jenny

    I bought your book A year with the Angels last week and read it in 3 days. Last monday I woke up at 3am with a deep pain in my chest. I thought it was a heart attack but i wasn’t frightened. I heard a voice in my head saying: get the Angels book. I opened it where I left and read about astral travel.I started counting backward from 200. The pain in my chest was still there but diminished with the breathing. When I arrived at 109 counting the pain was quite strong and I was getting more awake instead of falling asleep. I asked my guardian Angel for help. Straight away i undid the chain i had been wearing for the last 4 years round my neck with the initial of my husband who passed away 5 years ago. The chain fell on my duvet and the pain instantaneously disappeared. I was going back to sleep as if nothing special had happened then i remembered to thank my guardian Angel for the pain disappearing and not feeling guilty about taking the chain off. I fell asleep and the next morning i still wasn’t feeling guilty about not wearing the chain. I thought it is just a material thing as my husband love is always in my heart. Last nigth i had a wonderful dream about meeting my 2nd husband on Brighton’s beach at Christmas time and i woke up very happy and filled with Love for everyone. Thank you so much for facilitating this change. I ordered 2 more of your books. Soul Angels and Past Life Angels.I have been so Lucky to meet my first Husband. He was my Soul mate. If i can meet someone else and have the same wonderful life i feel extremely Lucky and Grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Thank you for your books. with Love and Gratitude. Anne marie

  • John

    Hi Wayne, thanks for getting in contact with us. I’d love to hear your story, especially if it will encourage and inspire others. Just post it as a comment to and I will recieve it that way.

  • Thanks for your comment Anne Marie. I’ve forwarded this onto Jenny, who I’m sure will be happy about your breakthrough.

  • Thank you to both Anne Marie and Wayne, for your responses. I’d love to use your angel story in a new book with your permission Anne Marie, and Wayne please feel free to tell me yours. My email is

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