John Edward speaks about 'The other side'...

This week I spoke to the famous American psychic and medium, John Edward. Listen to the podcast called John Edward, June 2010. He talks about being psychic, self psychic protection, intuition and ESP. Imagine being able to talk and communicate to spirits on the other side. Have a listen and let me know […]

Dr David Hamilton 'Power of visualisation'

Did you catch my interview with Dr David Hamilton on Living is Easy this week? David is the author of Your Mind Can Heal Your Body published by Hay House. He spoke about the power of visualisation in healing your body from disease.

To listen to the podcast click here. There is lots more we need […]

I CAN DO IT! Australia 2010

I Can Do It! Australia 2010
A Weekend Retreat for Your Soul
Sponsored by: Hay House Australia

Featuring Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Brian Weiss, Sonia Choquette and Gregg Braden.

Date: August 14-15 2010
Location: Perth

Date: August 22-23 2010
Location: Sydney

I Can Do It! runs Saturday and Sunday with an optional One Day or Weekend Pass.

Find out more at

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Bruce Lipton PhD talks about 'epigenetics'

Hi everyone,

If you want to learn some really interesting things about health and your mind, then have a listen to my radio show with Bruce Lipton PhD tonight at 6pm. It’s a 30 minute show, but lots of info.

You can listen to the broadcast on radio 89.7FM at 6pm, or listen online at 6pm on […]